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Bird of Prey, the multi-award-winning feature-length documentary from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, weaves a remarkable story of the world’s rarest eagle species and the heroic individuals working tirelessly to save it. Since its release in 2018, Bird of Prey, has screened to countless audiences around the world and throughout the Philippines where the film has become an invaluable tool for raising awareness and support for conservation of the critically endangered Philippine Eagle.

The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) is a private non-profit organization dedicated to conserving the critically endangered Philippine Eagle, preserving its rainforest habitat, and working with the communities that share its home. In addition to scientific research, public education, and culture-based conservation, they operate the only breeding and rehabilitation facility for the species in the world — the Philippine Eagle Center (PEC) in Davao City.

To learn more about Philippine Eagles and how you can help support their conservation visit:

Winner of; 2018 Best Film, Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival | 2018 Winner Best Environmental Film, DocUtah | 2019 Best Cinematography, NY WILD Film Festival | 2018 Green Spark Award, American Conservation Film Festival | 2018 Atlanta DocuFest Winner | 2018 Innsbruck Nature Festival Winner | Best Independent Film, 2018 International Wildlife Film Festival | 2017Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Finalist

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  1. This moved me to tears. I’m a Filipino and just thinking about these birds becoming extinct because of our selfishness abd greed breaks my heart. Thank you to all those who helped preserve this magical creature. Looking forward.

  2. philippine Eagle is now Endenger thank You for this Video it represend to me My beloved Country The philippine so a huge Respect to you guys

  3. I was actually very lucky to touch one when one of the care takers are cleaning their cages on Davao Malagos Eagle Sanctuary.I would really cherish that day forever and tell my future children about it.sometimes when I saw one flying freely in the sky while we were travelling I was so fascinated they are really beautiful.Well my grandmother was a retired DSWD she told me the PH eagles are very important because they are mother natures gift

  4. God.. Philippines.. My country.. Please do something to guarantee the survival of these precious raptors. What we see right now is far from being enough, and the situation feels a bit shaky that anything could happen. Will these birds survive the environment in other countries who employ strict security of the wildlife? If so, we can really use their help. This is the heaven's gift to humanity, and it is a shame that as stewards of these magnificent creatures, we have mostly failed in ensuring their survival. I know we cannot generalize people, and that there are many Filipinos who truly care for them. But as it is now, the situation remains quite bleak, and people still choose to deliberately hunt these birds for trophy kills, and worse, there are way too many loggers that shred vast areas of the forest where these birds live. :'(

  5. I am currently working on my thesis about a center for Philippine Eagle conservation. I NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. Too bad I am broke and I live in the Philippines. On my birthday, Sept. 20, the movie will screen in Estonia. Who's up to take me on an airplane ride?

  6. Guys if you really want to help there's a website which you can Donate to PEF (Philippine Eagle Foundation) just search it. There is apparently a '2 Million Peso goal' we are at 144+k we still have 202 days to complete it

    I'm a 16 year old (Filipino) who can't help directly so please, at least think about it and maybe spread the word, thanks.

  7. The sight of these eagles indeed takes my breath away. We should all be so wondrously grateful to Cornel and others who are so moved to protect and save these birds. Thank you.

  8. Incredible bird must be saved. Learn from what Neil Rettig says and does, then follow through with personal action for eagles and all biodiversity!

  9. I watched this and its very amazing and mesmerizing. You can learn alot, reflect yourself and you felt that you need to do something for the environment. Very inspiring and it is also an awareness to everyone to preserve the environment and the species living in it.

  10. This is a great movie. 👍These birds are getting extinct because their natural habitat is shrinking due to progress and development of human population that's taking away big areas of their native environment and they could not hunt for their prey anymore. We should raise awareness in saving their species. Bigger countries with lush forested mountain ranges can be an ideal place to save these birds of prey.

  11. this video makes me cry… Thank you for featuring our national bird. This will surely help in sending awareness to us — filipinos (especially) to take actions in preserving their kind.. Thank you so much..

  12. The Philippine Eagle in my opinion is the perfect representation of eagles. It's like the lord of all birds. Apart from the crest, its beaks makes it look more fearsome. Every feature of this bird is almost perfect!

  13. I encourage my fellow Pilipino to advocate our children to take good care our forest..which is vital to the sustainability and survival of our National Pride our National Bird..Say no to deforestation and ilegal logging.

  14. As I view, it amazing how very important the Philippines Eagle for your self and to the entire world. Cleary as I see it release the alpha feeling of wonder a beauty of spices among creature. Many THANKS…

  15. I'm happy and honoured for this wonderful people who took so much of their time and effort for this bird and I am also sad because it's getting extinct rapidly.. 🙁😭💔 I wish I had a vast land, I could plant so much Lawaan trees and I can protect them from harmful people…

  16. Politicians, big political clans were the ones destroying Philippine forest. For example Panaon Island in Southern Leyte, Philippines, right across the famed Limasawa Island. It used to be a virgin forest in the late 80s, protected by then President Ferdinand Marcos Administration. But when Cory Aquino Administration steps in, big political clans both from the province of Leyte and Mindanao, joined together to destroy the once and only remaining virgin forest in the country for good. Did the Aquino Administration tried to stop them? NO WAY or maybe they dont know, did'nt they?

  17. When this came out their was 1000, in 2018. At year 2020 news, only 400 remain in the wild, what the f… is going on? 2 years and negative progress. 60% DECLINE since this aired. . If trends continue, extinction in 2022 in inevitable. 😞 🦅

  18. I just donated to the Philippine Eagle Conservation Foundation. Please donate. As little as P500 or $10 goes a long way to helping these eagles. The foundation breeds eagles, educates people and protect their nesting areas. Please please don't allow these magnificent creatures to disappear.

  19. Leave the birds alone you elitist corporate trained fuks. You do more damage funding your self important lifestyle. You are a scourge and have done nothing to save one bird. Idiots

  20. I just finished watching the whole movie 🎥 🥰 very nice film and heartwarming at the same time watching those eagles in their natural habitat flying freely… the baby eagle is so cute 😊 thank you for sharing this to all filipinos 🇵🇭👏🎬

  21. I got kind of choked up when I saw this. It's incredible and I can only guess what the movie will be like. I love all birds especially the cardinal, the eagle, and the peregrine falcon. Kudos to Cornell for bringing the awareness to the public of these majestic birds.

  22. We need to our part as the human species and do whatever we can to save another species from going extinct. This is beyond tragic what we are doing to Earth and every living thing on it. It's worse than tragic it's a travesty.

  23. lucky team to see the one beautiful creature in the forest. We assigned to do Philippine eagle monitoring this year, first field work not lucky to see the pair but we already saw the nesting site. Hoping for the best next month.


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