Bill Hader Shares His First Time Getting High

Bill Hader walks Jimmy through his worst sketch pitches for Saturday Night Live and shares his first stoner experience.

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Bill Hader Shares His First Time Getting High

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  1. Got called to come home 5 minutes after smoking my first bongload, ran around the neighborhood with the first Rocky movie montage and that song playing in my head, to try and sober me up before seeing my mom. It worked! Sort of…….

  2. Hey my name is Shawn Holland I am credited for one feature film so far as Shawn holland I was thinking for later projects going by Sha Holland
    Does that sound any good or just keep it as Shawn holland? Thanks in advance

  3. the first time i got high i went on a four day psychotic breakdown where i spent most the time in a catatonic state, so i guess bill had a better experience than i did

  4. I was super depressed right now, saw this and I feel much better ♥️ Bill Hader is one of my favorite comedians to see when I feel sad, he makes the sad feelings go away for a moment, Thankyou Bill ☺️

  5. I'm watching these videos out of weed and during lockdown thinking I'm seeing them for the first time, but I see that I've already liked it, meaning I've seen this before and just forgot, 'cause I was high.

  6. he should be thanking the powers that be every day that he was staying with his grandmother at the time because grandparents are the only people who don’t suspect you of doing anything bad. if it had been his parents they would’ve seen right through him

  7. My first time was an edible, I got a 250 mg brownie and I took a little bite and 5 mins later I didnt feel shit so I ate another small bite, 5 mins later I took another, and so on. Long story short, I ate the whole thing and I TRIPPED BALLS I played rock paper scissors with a mirror for 30 mins I had an argument with a wall (which i somehow lost)


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