Beyond Tesla: Driverless Startups Promise Next-Level Autonomous Vehicles | WSJ

While Tesla and others already offer assisted-driving features, startups Waymo, Cruise, TuSimple and Aurora are betting their autonomous vehicles will make driving a thing of the past. WSJ asked them about safety and other challenges they face. Photo composite: George Downs

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  1. I drive old, beat-up car just for bashing other cars if they mess with me. If I see a driverless car I'll do a pit maneuver on it and take it off the road.

  2. Didnt tesla have a small level 4 Autonomy Beta?
    I thought they planned a wide range beta for level 4 in the US in 2021, why wouldn‘t that be mentioned?!

  3. These corporate people are the dumbest people. Always trying to replace the worker to save money. And at last when majority of people do get replaced in their works what things these idiots will sell to an unemployed society? Digging their own graves.

  4. Self driving cars don't have to be perfect, they just need to be significantly safer than a teenage driver. As a parent nothing, literally NOTHING ON EARTH is more important than your child.

  5. Why comma ai is not discussed here despite tesla level 2 was discussed?

    Why the definitions of level 2 4 5 are different with the standard?

  6. Until all cars are connected, we won't have 100% safe roads.
    I imagine a time where cars are connected to something that tells a car about an object in x time and place,
    and all the cars will adjust its speed and trajectory to avoid accidents. Be it a kid suddenly jumping out, a bird diving down,
    or the weather being bad.

  7. WSJ – Did not know how clueless you were. Thought you were good journalists, but I guess i was wrong. Crashes with autonomous must be put in relation to crashes per driven mile relative to human driven vehicles. Also, Waymo is NOT scalable. MobilEye might be getting to level 5 and scalable, but Waymo and Cruise will not ever be scalable. Tesla is the ONLY company today that might reach Level 5 autonomy in the near future. Go do your research. Also, how come you did not even mentioned Tesla here. BS journalism : ((((( Clueless and NOT accurate to your viewers. TESLA IS THE LEADER – if you look at the FACTS with 5 BILLION miles on autonomy plus most advanced AI.

  8. 2 Million, 20 Million…ha, ha, ha….TESLA HAS +5 BILLION miles on autonomy worth of data. Also, about 30,000 human driven vehicles crash/year in the USA alone….but they don't make headlines, whereas one single autonomy=vehicle gets tons of headlines. Tesla at LEVEL 2 already is 700% SAFER than HUMANS.

  9. I think they have to face few lawsuits … from drivers who lost their jobs .. maybe thier could be a day where company's based on automation should pay few bucks from thier pocket for some kind of relief fund for these drivers at least 3 to 5 percentage of income or else 1 or 2 percentage . Only to protect thier family until next generation in thier family's took off .. till kids of these drivers settles and stars earning …they have kids whom they should feed .. I think one day this may happen for sure .. at least around 2030s or late 20s

  10. Tesla will be the first company to achieve level five autonomy driving , While waymo and other company will be walking far behind. Also these video is biased and misleading.

  11. They don't just promise it – Waymo delivers and has done for 5 years now – Truckers can just sit and chill on their bunks lol

    They should take a Tesla and show Elon how its done – I am surprised he's not brought it already

  12. Interesting that Tesla was not mentioned very much. If I am not mistaken Tesla currently has 5+ billion real world miles under its belt. Currently Tesla rolled out its beta FSD (to limited people) and from what I have seen it’s far more capable then most of these other companies.

  13. Our own cars will eventually arrest and drive us to prisons. "When we commit a crime?" No, when the government "thinks" we have committed a crime. Very soon.

  14. I can only see AI + Human cooperation to reduce accidents and better ride, until ALL cars are AI controlled with clear idea who take responsibility for accidents

  15. Every trucker job would be obsolete.. ok we got that, but driving is not just taking you from A to B but it is an experience and an 'enjoyable journey' I guess many of the readers of this comment would agree.

  16. Safe is a number we've accepted as okay to have those amounts of accidents. But that does not mean it's 0 it's just an accepted number that can kinda be anything

  17. Wow, our owners literally wantBible. Not own anything. That driverless car bed you dream of will be out of your price range. It will be a ford focus covered in needles and gum that take you to your pod. But hey, maybe you can eat bugs on your birthday. Snowpeircer is likely a future bible.

  18. Waymo and Cruise will go to zero, they have no way to compete with Tesla. This industry will be owned by the company with the most vehicles at the lowest price, which will be Tesla.

  19. Get out of here wsj all these tech companies spend and bleed billions of dollars each year in R&D since 2015 and they still have nothing to show for it and a lot more to still to figure out and we have 5nm computer chips and 2nm now Pfffff please it'll be a long time before this technology is refined enough. This isn't 2017 anymore

  20. What about break downs, parts do wear and tear, what if it breaks down in Alaska, or NWT, will they send a repairmen all the way up there, n what about the cargo, if it's perishable….so many questions.

  21. Just after this video the WSJ itself poured a bucket of cold water on the hype:

    … In contrast to investors and CEOs, academics who study artificial intelligence, systems engineering and autonomous technologies have long said that creating a fully self-driving automobile would take many years, perhaps decades. Now some are going further, saying that despite investments already topping $80 billion, we may never get the self-driving cars we were promised. At least not without major breakthroughs in AI, which almost no one is predicting will arrive anytime soon—or a complete redesign of our cities.

    Self-Driving Cars Could Be Decades Away, No Matter What Elon Musk Said – WSJ

  22. So at the end of the day people driving for earning have to compete with machines along with their competition with humans.

  23. I know that someday when motor vehicles become fully autonomous self driving, people are going to trust it, laws are going to be changed and there will be no more accidents, no more speeding tickets, no more stop sign/red light running tickets, no more DUIs, no more distracted driving, no more texting while driving tickets, no more idiots swerving or drifting in & out of traffic or lanes and hopefully no more road kills either. I know that with self driving cars, everyone will have an easy way to get around, including the elderly and disabled or who ever has difficulty getting around. I know that there will be self driving trucks and RVs too. What's the point of needing a drivers license when you can get a self driving car lol?

  24. I want an autonomous vehicle so the government can monitor all my movements during the day and lock my doors and drive me directly to the police station in the event my driving looks erratic. It will be so much fun to be totally controlled and monitored.

  25. I got a guestion. What happens when someone decides to weaponize a self driving level 5 car, as in load it up with explosives. Just a wondering. Not saying anyone would ever do that.

  26. I got a guestion. What happens when someone decides to weaponize a self driving level 5 car, as in load it up with explosives. Just a wondering. Not saying anyone would ever do that.

  27. In a hate filled world it will be just a matter of time that an autonomous vehicle/car becomes the poor man's cruise missile. All computer/car systems can be hacked, a vehicle fitted with the right payload and GPS coordinates is a destructive force on wheels.

  28. Autonomous vehicles are a good thing. But we really need the birth-rates to drop or there won't be enough jobs to go around. As more and more industries go automated, we need to adapt.

  29. The sensor package is the most important part of this and LIDAR is the key to it. The logic of how to obey traffic rules and what to do when you know exactly what's going on around you is already at a high level in the software.

  30. Anyone that knows enough about autonomous and the car industry, along with scalability………………knows that Waymo maybe head now, but they have an unscalable autonomous vehicle platform.

    Geo-fencing, expensive mapped out portions of cities, and rolling out driver monitoring teams in every city, municipality, and so on across the globe is not scalable globally! They might be ahead now, but so they will be behind others in the future with a failed approach to solve the problem.

  31. Think of the word autonomous, it involves in a roundabout way not allowing a person to do something meaning that it’s done for them as being told what to do without having a choice, And the choice is freedom and when you don’t have that anymore and allow everything known to man to dictate your life your life, it’s over, Everything is not as it seems and it’s not always good as it seems either between all the electronic devices that are available it involves someone knowing where you are what you’re doing every moment of your life this is not freedom

  32. 🔵Do you believe that cars will be offered as a service in the future? Why or why?
    🔵What are your thoughts on using self-driving trucks (Level 5) to solve the truck-driving shortage? Why?
    🔵Would you ride a self-driving taxi? Why or why not?
    🔵Would you ride a driverless car that hasn't gained its mileage (been tested) on your country's roads? (For example, it was tested in the US, Japan, or China). Why or why not?
    🔵Knowing that it's harder for driverless cars to sense what's going on on the road during bad weather or the dark, would you take self-driving taxis during those times? Why or why not?
    🔵In accidents involving self-driving technology (i.e. TESLA), TESLA wasn't found liable, but rather the driver. Do you agree? Why or why not?
    🔵Although driverless technology is in theory, safer than human driving (e.g. DUI, distracted driving, driving when stressed, etc), people are more sceptical of self-driving cars. Why do you think this is the case?

  33. This video showed two types of 'autonomous cars'. The first were cars and trucks where a driver was behind the wheel. The other were Vehicles without a driver that were prototypes and diagrams. The real question is who is liable for the accidents when they happen. If the car is autonomous then either the software manufacturer or the hardware manufacturer or the data compiler is responsible because there was no owner involved in driving. When there is a driver behind the wheel as of today that driver is responsible for everything that car does and therefore his insurance will be the one to pay. A car may have Auto Navigator today but the person behind the wheel is 100% responsible for everything that car does.
    It is very revealing that the video said that the demonstrations of autonomy are all coming out in nice sunny, beautiful, cities in ideal conditions. That is never the question of any technology. Nobody cares what any operating system does under perfect conditions. The real question is what will the car do when it has to drive from Frankfort, Kentucky to Columbia South, Carolina in February in 5° in the sleet.

  34. I would drive in a self driving car definitely.

    I trust robots way more than i trust humans because they are logical and humans are unpredictable.

    I mean i have been using a PC (which is a kind of robot) for all my life and it NEVER failed me.

    My PC is my best friend and im sure many other people feel the same way.

    Robots will be the best thing that ever happened to the human race in all of our history.

  35. Sorry, I love technology, but I can think of a thousand reasons why I want a person operating any car I'm in. Here's a few. The car in front of you stalls just as your crossing railroad tracks. The cross arms come down indicating a train is coming, but your still on the track. Does a driverless car understand the situation? Does it know to get you off the track even if it means pushing the car in front of you out of the way? What about a bridge collapse? Does the driverless car recognize when the road is gone and stop or does it just keep going? Does it understand not to drive through high water? Does it know how to handle icy conditions? Does it recognize a tornado coming and know how to escape? What about an angry mob of protestors up a head who are pulling people out of cars and beating them half to death? Does it know to do whatever it needs to do to escape this mob? What about an out of control car racing towards an intersection? Does it know to stop even though it has the right of way? What if armed men jump out of the car in front and run up and starts beating on the window? Will the car know to try and escape to safety or just sit there? There are so many situations that come up which require quick intelligent reactions that I don't believe a computer is capable of handling. Does in know not to take a route through a raging forest fire? Does it recognize things like a rock or land slide heading towards the road you are about to pass? Things that a person would know to stop for. Auto pilot is a great thing for planes which have none of these issues. But I think its a really bad idea in cars. I'll never get in one.


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