Best Hexgate Interactions! (Karthus, Thresh, Warwick & more!)

Few really interesting interactions with Hexgates!

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  1. So they really just programmed an instant teleport to the other location. Thats why Caits ult flew passed the effect of Kat moving. Welp now everyone can use Zhonyas while moving

  2. Another fun interaction with Yuumi and the hexgates is that when the ally does not take the portal, yuumi can still click on the hexgate to transport, she will then reveal the end of the hexgate, but at the end of travel will just reappear at the linked ally. It's an easy way to get vision over the other side of the hexgate without any risk.

  3. What is the most disturbing about this, is not the fact that they screwed up the game this bad, but they also screwed up competitive games with billionaire expenses.

  4. The Caitlyn one actually happened to me. I was getting ulted, so I just decided to portal for fun and was expecting a bullet to hit me on the other side, but it didn’t. A pleasant surprise

  5. Since we now know that the champions already are right at the exit of the portal the moment you press – now is the question can we do something with that

    For example stack viktor stun

  6. So I guess your character is transported immediately to the exit point but not fully active (hitbox) until the animation plays them arriving. This might be so they aren't treated like Bard gates or Kayn's wall walking ability. The animation is just an effect with no purpose other than a glorified loading bar to activate their hit box again.

  7. hi vandiril, i was playing with a friend and he was senna in the ultimate spell book with caitlyn's ult. Sometimes while he was using caitlyn's ult quit senna's ult even at level 5. My nick is Rijardi from server br if you want to see the replay I was from cho'ghat

  8. recently saw a bug in one of my games I was morde and i shadow realmed someone but some malzahar voidlings models were permanently stuck in river, luckily they were untargetable so there was no problems there but it was a bug none the less

  9. Ok, i figured the spagett out. So, the game doesn't make the character entity do all the traveling, it just spawns it at the other end of the gate with invisibility and invulnerability. The effect of the champ going though the gates is a totally different thing that is not actually related to the position of the champ, but rather the time it takes for the "warping" to complete.

  10. Idk if anyone else's experience has reflected this, but PBE has had some of the most toxic people I've ever dealt with, from someone who played mobas before League–and started league S3.

    and not just that, they are in higher frequency than before. Like 30% of people just being scum for 30 minutes. Yeah, you can mute all. Yeah, that's kinda dumb to do in a team game. It's been so bad that I've questioned how this poisons peoples mental health, just indulging themselves in people that come into a game immediately angry. That you're chained to. I'd wager its not great.

  11. Oh god, so they coded it like a blink and just give you iframes and make you invisible while you wait for the "travel time". What spaghetti!

  12. i've noticed that while you're travelling through as teemo, u get the invisibility buff from standing still. the gates seem to just place the character on the other side but unable to move, until the teleporting icon thingy arrives

  13. Doesnt that mean skill shots will hit people coming out of the gate before they arrive? It seems like you get teleported instantly to the other side when clicking the gate but invisible until teleporting animation ends

  14. Minor bug but I've noticed that chemtech drake maps cause the area around Evelynn to disappear when invisible. Like walking into the fog then back out and I can no longer see the radius of my invisibility or when people have vision on me


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