Bend It Like Granny – BBC News

Nanammal is 98 years old and an expert yoga instructor from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. But it’s not just her – her entire family are yoga practitioners, including her children and grandchildren. Produced and edited by Varun Nayar

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  1. Why they are not mentioned about her country and they will mention India name only whenever​ they show bad things about India..
    It clearly shows that they are crying about India why..?
    Just because of India's GDP is about to cross their country GDP or Indians are owning their companies don't worry one day we will own BBC also…
    And remember BBC currently your country richest person is Indian…..🇮🇳

  2. It has been a piece of sad news that she passed away (26.10.19). Everyone needs to remember her by doing Yoga as she loved.
    Rest in Peace. . legend


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