Behind the Wheel of the First Car Ever Called Porsche | WSJ

The world’s first Porsche, built in Nazi-era Germany, is going up at auction. WSJ’s Dan Neil got to take the 1939 Type 64 Berlin-Rome Rennwagon for a drive.

Photo: Jack Schroeder Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

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  1. Curious to see which of the Otto Mathé cars this is. The one he ran to the ground hill climb racing in or the rebuilt/ rebodied and new engine 38/42 that was in the Hamburg museum back in 2010? There were 3 prototypes. 1 destroyed; 2 chopped up by USA army base in Germany after WW2; 3 the original one bought by the 1st Porka racing driver.

  2. Porsche was not as great an engineer as the Porsche company would have people believe. The original Porsches were developed from the beetle , which was a copied design. The original beetle was a copy of the Tatra 97 designed by Hans Ledwinka. Tatra sued Porsche for stealing the design but world war 2 stopped the lawsuit. After the war Tatra resumed the lawsuit and Porsche eventually settled for one million deutsche mark. The later Porsches are great cars on their own but there should be a little more honesty about the genesis of the company’s signature design.


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