Behind the Spacecraft: NASA’s DART, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test

NASA is crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid… on purpose! Our #DARTmission is a first-of-its-kind #PlanetaryDefense test to change the motion of an asteroid in space so that we could use this technique if an asteroid were ever discovered to be a threat to Earth. Follow DART:

The DART mission is a test of a technique that could be used to mitigate the threat of an asteroid on a collision course with Earth should one be discovered in the future. DART’s target is not a threat to Earth. While no known asteroid larger than 140 meters in size has a significant chance to hit Earth for the next 100 years, only about 40 percent of those asteroids have been found as of October 2021.

Producer/Editor: Jessica Wilde
Producer: Scott Bednar
Videographers: James Lucas and Seth Robinson

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  1. I don't expect any answers from NASA, seeing that nobody has gotten answered on this "comment segment" but just in case, could all NASA people being interviewed please use MPH #'s instead of Kilometers I don't want to do math when watching these YouTube segments. And don't tell me it's easy, I'm 70+ years old nothing is easy for me these days.

  2. Is NASA choosing to be 10 years late with the DART like they are landing on the moon. NASA is choosing to waste Artemis 2 by not attempting to land on the moon. Reminds me of a little kid easing himself. NASA should hand off the DART to the US SPACE FORCE. Defense is their job and NASA has become chicken.

  3. Imagine; the tech already exists .. look 2 ur respective (nuclear) ballistic armaments peoples. Imagine. @ a canter, u could afford 2 fund this .. AND reach out further as we r destined 2 do. I’d add that Humanity is made up of BOTH nurturers & explorers. We’d do well not 2 indulge in zero-sum arguments either side of the fence.

  4. No asteroids larger than 140 meters in size are targeting earth… so why start knocking them out of current orbit… Butterfly 🦋 effect could be an extinction event..

  5. Haven't you thought to use space debris, old satellites, generally heavy objects already in orbit to build a missile? If you want to use the kinetic energy, it's only speed and mass that count. Take care and good luck!

  6. It would be better if this platform is deployed in the orbit rather than launched from Earth and sent directly from orbit when necessary. And, they may be replaced periodically like replacing aircraft spare parts.

  7. いつかはこう言う事をやるだろうと予想していましたが、宇宙船を直接ぶつける事は想定外でした。


  8. Like master Oogway once said, “one often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it”. Maybe trying to knock an asteroid off course will ultimately lead it to run into the planet Earth.

  9. It's about time NASA is doing this . The Earth has been hit many , many times in it's past . The problem is when they are massive and hurdling towards Earth at incredible speeds such as a comet is the equivalent of stopping a freight train with a BB gun

  10. NASA: Vocês são do CARALHO!!

    Se eu fosse dono do mundo, proporia a ideia de transformar a NASA numa agência global de assuntos espaciais, nos moldes do que é a United Nations.

    Imagina a grana que seria captada pelo mundo todo investindo nessa primorosa agência!! ♥️♥️♥️

    O governo americano investe muito pouco na NASA, se comparado o rio de dinheiro investido na defesa por exemplo…

  11. And then they told you Redirecting a smaller asteroid causes a larger asteroid to redirect.and didymos come to Meet the earth

  12. It might work with small enough asteroids. For asteroids the size of a 5-story building +, I don't even think it would budge. The velocity behind some of these asteroids are insane. P= m v; in other words, it has enough momentum to keep on going and plow into Earth.

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