Behind The Scenes With Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso | Forbes

The entrepreneur behind the online fashion phenomenon.

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Comment (92)

  1. I only meant it from the fact she purchased clothes from the salvation army. It's her choice and she has the right.

    I guess I was just really upset that day to point that out, probly not a good choice on my part.

  2. yea but i did research what you said initially and i see in her beginning days she did rip off people by buying multiple "purple flapper dresses" from a costume shop on ebay and selling them as vintage for $400 , i don't know if she still does it now.

  3. hmm, the point of entrepreneurship/running a business = buying low, selling high; spotting rare opportunities that others don't see. sophia has an incredible eye for fashion and a prescience for what sells, what doesn't, what the next hottest thing will be. if you think buying low/selling high is rip-off, welcome to capitalism. just research the markups for dept. stores and chain retailers; their mark-ups are by several hundred %'s.

  4. ACTUALLY NO, obviously you can't read. I am talking about when in 2008, when she bought BRAND NEW costumes and passed them off as VINTAGE, as well as having her online friends knock up the price on eBay, its simple Google search ("nasty gal purple flapper dress"), but this was a long time ago, I'm sure she is nothing like that now.

  5. How in the world did your conversation go from YOU accusing Sophia of ripping off from the poor to you getting mad at someone ELSE who agreed with you and offered proof? Flip flop much.

  6. huh? i did NOT start the conversation, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and READ, nowhere did i accuse sophia of "ripping off the from the poor" — that was youtube user ID smikules

  7. Big Business can learn from her, the relate to their customers! Can you imagine calling AT&T or your current bank and get off the phone (or chat for that matter) with a sense of "we just related"???!

  8. How can you be ripping poor people off if they willingly buy things that they know they can't really afford? That's not anyone elses fault but yours if you decide to buy things out of your budget range. You should stick to forever 21 then, and this is coming from a poor person. saying she's ripping people off just shows you know nothing about how businesses work. This woman is an inspiration to young girls everywhere and deserves her success.

  9. She didn't though. She bought the Chanel jacket for $8 and initially sold it at $9 or something like that, then people started bidding and bidding and it reached $1000. She never "ripped off" from anyone

  10. No wonder why she's so successful! She's an Aries sun and Capricorn moon! It's that Capricorn moon that got her where she's at today. Let me shut my mouth, I'm such an astrology freak! lol

  11. Uhmmm, I think she is awesome and uhmmm just read her book and uhm just wondering why does she say UHMMM so much. Haha! Love her though, so inspirational!

  12. She is NOTHING like that girl that portrays her on Netflix. That girl is a whiny, narcissistic pain in the ass, here she seems really sweet.

  13. I wish she continued with vintage shop in LA or something instead of different areas in big businesses. She grew to different challenges of course but now she is not in fashion at the end of the day.


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