Behind the scenes of an air strike – BBC News

The commander of France’s air campaign against so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq has told the BBC he thinks the group is on the defensive and “no longer able to win battles”. The French government intensified its strikes against IS after the Paris attacks in November, which killed 130 people.
Jonathan Beale reports from the French aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, in the Gulf.

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Comment (69)

  1. Why do not show the attack and results on the ground? Why keep public in blind?
    World need more Julian Assange and Edward Snowden to disclose world's nasty politics and politicians,

  2. 1:06 more resistance? Where do these reporters get their information? That is a jet blast deflector. Without it, the jet blast would wreak havoc on anything in its path, blowing people and equipment overboard etc. Just goes to show you cant trust everything you hear on the news..

  3. I did not know france had a nuclear carrier with electromagnetic catapults and we are talking about british, chinese and russian carrier's. Glad to see the someone giving this beautiful ship attention.


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