Behind the scenes at The French Laundry | Secret Table

Host and editor Mary Beth Albright interviews chef Thomas Keller on the 25th anniversary of his iconic restaurant the French Laundry, with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. The Interviewer's wine was served too cold; therefore creating condensation on the glass. Over chilling the wine doesn't allow your palette to appreciate the nuances & am sure the cost of a glass of wine there wouldn't be cheap!

  2. Such a pity that Keller has switched to a processed tap water system for drinking instead of good balanced real spring water.

    None of his food is processed – why process the drinking water?!

  3. This is the exclusive place, where even during the Covid pandemic, economic depression, and food shortages, California's elite, rich and powerful pretentious snobs go to wine & dine. Not so much for the outrageously priced food ($350 per person minimum…Average: $1,000 per couple) but for the experience of looking down on the other 39,500,000 unwashed commoners in

    California. Common working people, who are struggling to earn enough money during this worldwide pandemic and depression, just to afford enough food to feed their hungry children. If ever there was a metaphor for the French Aristocracy who wined and dined on finery, while the common people of France had no bread in the 1700's, The French Laundry, and its patrons are it.

    Expensive and shameful decadence at it's finest. Stated more accurately: "At its lowest ".

    Substitute French King Louis XVI and his naive wife Marie Antoinette for Governor Gavin Newsom and his liberal wife Jennifer, and you have a perfect story of history repeating itself.

  4. Feeding the pathetically rich, what a distorted dream. Eating the animals fed on this diet may be better than Kobe beef. Eat the rich, it's worth a try, after grazing the pastures of the finest restaurants, finished on caviar, fois gras, truffles and champagne, aged to perfection.

    Indulge in a third generation inherited money socialite, the highly marbled fat manicured and massaged daily, no expense spared in the feeding and coddling. Are you hungry, homeless, and desperate? Just take down one of these majestic animals and feed your family for a year.

  5. Racist, Mysoginistic, Toxic. Great food but at the cost of the staff, no matter what narrative they want to push around “sacrifice” and “hustle”. There are better ways to make food, that don’t serve antiquated systems

  6. Isn’t that nice. Friends of Gavin Newsom gets to Stay Open Charging $400 a plate and Then Collect For PPP loans??? WTF! You are NOT Suffering like the Rest! You should NOT be getting Relief Funds!
    Gavin Newsomes Friends Have Collected Over $3 Million for Themselves!

  7. Glad they received almost 2.5 million in PPP , roughly 17 times what other comparable restaurants received, I’m wondering how this happens? Just lucky I guess! Hoping Gavin took a doggie bag back to Nancy

  8. Eating here was one of the coolest experiences of my life. You would think going to a restaurant is just going to a restaurant. Not here. The experience is out of this world. Be prepared to drop close to 1000$ for dinner for 2 with no wine

  9. I love this on one hand and hate it on the other. This is what triggered the french revolution. And I hope, it will open some eyes around here and now.There is no dispute over the accomplishments of this place and the owners. However, the socialist elites of Hollywood and California have created this. Mr. Keller is the cook for the modern aristocracy , who are the ugly leaches on the hard working taxpayers, who enable them to wine and dine there in oppulence.
    This is only for the 0.001% of the population of this country .
    And they should not accept any bailout money or loans and give that to the thousends of struggling and shut down mom and pop restaurants and diners and holes in the wall, where the true America eats and drinks.
    And shame on that disgusting babblemouth of a governor, who has caused so much hardship with his ignorance and incompetency.

  10. A dream. The pinnacle of my dream of meals. I don't know if I can ever get there, but Thomas Keller inspires me and I hope, I hope.

  11. It's wonderful to see that the Art is alive and well, thriving in the hands of young chef's!
    Unfortunately not everyone is able to experience it.

  12. Enjoy Sunshine and Please be Vegan, no animal’s eggs, animal’s milk, animal’s cheese and animal’s butter, and insect’s honey🥬🥗🌽🥕🥦🥥🥑🍓🍇🍌🍎🍐🍑🥭🍅🥒🍉❤️🌞🌈👼❤️🏖 Geniessen Sie Sonnenschein und seien Sie bitte vegan, keine Tiereier, Tiermilch, Tierkäse und Tierbutter und Insektenhonig🥬🥗🌽🥕🥦🥥🥑🍓🍇🍌🍎🍐🍑🥭🍅🥒🍉❤️🌞🌈👼❤️🏖 Profitez du soleil et soyez végétalien, pas d’œufs d’animaux, de lait d’animaux, de fromage d’animaux et de beurre d’animaux, et de miel d’insectes🥬🥗🌽🥕🥦🥥🥑🍓🍇🍌🍎🍐🍑🥭🍅🥒🍉❤️🌞🌈👼❤️🏖 Goditi il ​​sole e per favore sii vegano, niente uova di animali, latte di animali, formaggio di animali e burro di animali e miele di insetti🥬🥗🌽🥕🥦🥥🥑🍓🍇🍌🍎🍐🍑🥭🍅🥒🍉❤️🌞🌈👼❤️🏖

  13. Please please please give the reigns of the French Laundry to William Bradley when you retire Chef Keller…!!!
    Youre, friends with him, he has two Michelin stars, and he would definitely keep it top notch


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