Bed Sheets – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #58

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  1. Hi! we are in autumn in Argentina. in the nights my cat sleeps under my bed sheets. he wakes me Up to letting out to eat and then wakes me Up to letting him in. i don't sleep very well but I love him. sorry for my english.

  2. I once had a Calico cat who would jump on my back if I happened to be picking up something from the floor or anytime I was somewhat bent over. So I would stay that way and give her little "horsey" rides around the house. It was just a little game we played. I never had another cat that did that. Just thought Simon might want to use the idea for a cartoon sometime. My Calico's name was Pumpkin, she was a sweetheart. <3

  3. So funny ! You're hitting the nail on the head with cat behavior. Damn near impossible to change my bed sheets/blankets without a cat interfering. Let's face it, they love everything from a pile of dirty laundry to the smell of freshly dried sheets. All too often I have to pull out laundry from the bottom of the pile to wash it because the cat has decided that the pile is just his kind of place for a long nap.

  4. I have watched these all a million times and I doubt you will actually read this Simon I just in case you do just know I absolutely adore you and I would stake my life on it that you have found a wife by now because of this whole artistic endeavor you have embarked upon is beautiful and amazing and real……. Sorry for the lack of punctuation I come from the Stone age and just recently got my first non flip phone….. Anyway please don't ever change I love you please keep continuing to do what you do!!

    PS….. Your wife is the luckiest woman on earth I hope she never forgets that.

    ……….X's & O's…
    … Just little ol' me…



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