Bay Area Police, Businesses Gear Up for Continuing Mass Smash-and-Grab Assaults

In the wake of a spate of smash-and-grab heists, Bay Area law enforcement officials are preparing for a continuation of this type of crime. Shawn Chitniss reports. (11-21-21)

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  1. Oh California do you want me to feel bad for you? After all these years of being run by libtarde Democrats, all I can do while your crime spirals out of control, is to show as much sympathy as I can…so here goes…😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  2. This is a organized group of people. They have a plan to rob the elite shopping stores. The stores have to hire security officer that will arrest robbery suspected. You can't do nothing and let these robbery people steal your goods. Have enough security officers to handle a these group of stealing.

  3. Here's an idea; A) the customer pays first, then the merchandise that they chose is handed over to them from behind 1" clear plexiglass. Then the customer can leave the store. Kind of like MacDonald's, but the counter is the length of the building; or B) Take the restrictions off of security & let them use force if necessary. I'm sick & tired of this crap.



  5. Whatever. These fools are gonna do it again on Thanksgiving. Watch. Then there will be NO cops available at all. What do these cops do on a daily basis besides eat doughnuts and play on their phones in their cars?! NO POLICE FORCES in California at all. Pathetic.

  6. These big chain stores need to start hiring real security. Not 5'4 men and women without weapons. It sucks but if you hire ex-military or private contractors, monchichis are not going to pull this shit anymore.

  7. This is really stupid on KPIX CBS. They just tipped off any would be thieves to not do it tonight, otherwise they'll get caught. Professional journalism at its finest.

  8. 1. Open again the Alcatraz & send them for 1 year without visitor. Everyday menu: simple vegetarian food!

    2. Send them to do the labour work building the boarder wall USA-Mexico.

    Let see if the number of crimes will increases or decreases.

  9. Get rid of that criminal-loving DA Chesa Boudin! And while we're at it, let's replace the city government. They're turning SF into a 3rd world ishthole. An international shame.

  10. Yes, cameras everywhere, but it’s a lot harder to ID people wearing masks. I was wondering at the start of the pandemic if the ubiquity of masks everywhere would embolden criminals. Note I am not against masks and they have their place in lessening covid spread, but I think this is another example why most of us are ready to put the mask era behind us.

  11. Utterly DISGUSTED with the citizens involved in these felonious shenanigans. Its really hurting those who work in the retail industry attempting to keep their heads above water & out of the county offices asking 4 state assistance

  12. FBI is busy monitoring school board meetings. They don't have time to waste going after poor Black victims that have been under 700 years of cis white male oppression! They need to crack down more on Soccer Mom's concerned with schools teaching Communism and Pedophilia. Those damn cis gendered racist white supremacist bigots need to have their door kicked it for their conservative beliefs. I mean seriously, what do they think this is, a law abiding free country with fair elections?


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