Battlefield Portal is out of control already…

Battlefield 2042 Portal is starting to get some interesting mods and game modes. Let’s play tonight and test! Use code jackfrags in the Epic Games Store – #EpicPartner Become a member – Leave a LIKE and a comment, Subscribe for more.

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  1. Played for a whole week trying to find something good about the game and Portal is literally the only thing! Went back to BF5 and realized how unfairly and underrated that game is..LEVELS above 2042 just the maps alone are so damn beautiful! Then I play this and feel like I'm in a empty killing field smh I won't touch this game again until its patched and complete 🤷🏾‍♂

  2. i think portal is an amazing tool, but a large part of the game that should be upgraded is the ability to customize the UI for game modes, that would really impact every different game mode

  3. Really cool look at Portal. Would be nice to have some map building tools too, make custom maps and then have completely custom modes just using the Frostbite engine. People have made some interesting things in other games with tools like GTA V for example or Garrys Mod or something. BF2042 needs optimizing and balancing before conquest is really playable, had to return the game cuz it doesn't run well. Really a shame

  4. Is the game even battlefield with that amount of customization? I’m sure some other company could easily make a game that gives everyone this level or even more freedom. To me this feels like Roblox, everyone jumping on the squid game not my type of game

  5. Based on what I've seen this could be Gmod for the next generation, if the tools are good.

    Portal expansions could include new tool sets and logic editors, aswell as all the extra guns, gadgets vehicles and maps that everyone is hoping for.

    If dice doesn't release this as some kind of stand alone product they'd be idiots.

  6. I fucking love this game, its just so laggy and buggy, even though its playable and fun in ps4, but still. I really hope they fix the servers and bugs. Thats all they need to do

  7. I love how people are so quick to slam this game. Its pretty great considering what else is out there right now. I hope someone comes up with some kind of Alien invasion mod.

  8. I’ve spent 25 hours in 2042s main multiplayer modes and I’m having tons of fun despite all its jank. Haven’t touched portal, but this is awesome. Potentially unlimited content!

  9. A Gun Game where you go from long range to close range weapons, and finally the knife, could be a lot of fun in Battlefield since the maps are so big. So the higher level you are the more of a handicap you get.

  10. My BF2042 crashes all the time on PC (Origin). After this first patch, the game is doing much worse than before. I can't enjoy the game because it won't let me play with so many glitches/errors.

    It doesn't matter if you want to play multiplayer, portal or hazard zone, the game crashes. Especially when you want to customize BF Portal / BF3 weapons.

  11. I know it would sound like BS but I had a dream of using M1A1 Thompson on a map similar to Breakaway and Narvik so my brain could've predicted Portal. But it is a coincidence

  12. id love to make a infantry only portal mode with every gun from BF1942, BC2, and BF3. idk if that possible but killing someone with a k98 on a newer map just sounds great plus it would help fix the lack of weapons lol

  13. "Are there any hackers?" Everyone who has ever played a DICE game –> "YES!" Don't worry though, if you report them DICE will go through their hacker alert procedure –"auto delete the report and ignore"

  14. I remember BF3 Damavand Peak Rush. To simply put it, I spent many hours enjoying the map and I never got bored. I feel like bringing back Metro and Damavand Peak can possibly redeem BF2042.


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