Battle of the Bulge: Winter War

The Battle of the Bulge. Lt. Robert Cappa and his platoon of 2nd Infantry Division soldiers must defend a vital supply depot from being captured by attacking German soldiers. With enemies all around him and allies who are not what they seem. Lt. Cappa must make combat ready decisions in order to slow down and stop the advancing German onslaught of tanks, infantry and artillery.

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  1. While it wasn't a Blockbuster… I enjoyed seeing Tom Berenger and Billy Zane together again and I think they probably enjoyed it as well. I'll watch it again just for them. 👍

  2. Berenger was waaay too old for this part, I'm hoping the part held some special meaning for him and not just a paycheck. Perhaps his father was there? I'm saddened realizing that even though I know what my father did in that war, I have very few details and it's too late to ask.

  3. There are many fine things about this movie but there were
    No female nurses on the battlefield for the us army in WW2. Much less females pulling rank as officer nurses on the battlefield. The sound and visuals should be better. The mp story is scary because it's happening in the USA today on the home front.

  4. At the beginning, that's a telephone that requires a wired connection. It's NOT a radio! Going to higher ground, even IF you had an antenna (which he didn't) wouldn't help! You can even see the roll of wire for the telephone sitting in the jeep in front of it!

  5. It was OK, though the German MP with the "Southern" accent was a bit overdone. "A Bridge Too Far" is a more interesting movie, a rare allied defeat though like the entire allied advance, it did bring the war to the Nazis.

    I happened to be flying to Europe just before June 6th, 84 and in the TWA lounge were many WWII Veterans sitting with me who were going to remember D-Day. They told me their stories, their respect for their comrades, and that the Germans who survived joined them in remembering the event.

    When I have gone to Germany for both business and pleasure, those Germans and especially Austrians still old enough to remember the war thanked us from the US and Australia and Canada for ridding them of a despot they could not do on their own.

    I never met animosity, although I did run into the odd, leering skinhead from time to time that celebrated a monster unimaginable, but they exist in the US and other former allied countries too, sad to say.

    War is hard–my Dad entered Japan right after the surrender and served in the Army Corps of Engineers helping rebuild the country for an appreciative populace then served as a Staff Sergeant after being recalled for Korea, as Eisenhower's photographer when he was in country and a combat photographer for the duration.

    When the Iran hostage situation happened, while I was in college, I registered for the draft as we were asked to, and would have gone if asked to serve, but that never happened and our volunteer forces, especially in Gulf One, showed what they could do, Gulf Two they did as well, but the countries they were in were not as partial to nation building as those under the Marshall plan after WWII.

    I did not enlist because I only wanted to fly, but my left eye was not up to passing the eye test required to be a pilot. I wanted to fly for the Military Airlift Command which had a major presence at Travis AFB in Fairfield near Napa where I was raised.

    I settled for serving vicariously, my middle brother (RIP) served in the Air Force for his term, so did my best friend, and my oldest brother (RIP) served in the California National Guard and later for the TSA after 9/11.

    My Dad shared his combat experience not thru personal stories–he could not without getting sad thoughts about friends he lost, but he did share with me by choosing books for me.

    His favorites were true escape stories–"The Wooden Horse", "Free as a Running Fox", and "The Great Escape".

    The "Wooden Horse" is a great book, suspenseful, true, recalling the most brilliant British Escape from Sagan, just before the "Great Escape", and all three escapees made it back to Britain thru neutral Sweden. It was made into a movie which can be found online I believe, though the movie does not move as suspenseful as the "Great Escape" did.

  6. I've been waiting for a good movie about the Battle of the Bulge. I'm still waiting. Knew this was gonna be trouble when the opening text referred to gas as petrol. BTW, when your Jeep won't start because the battery's cold, push it and pop the clutch. This would be well-known to anybody in the 1940's.

  7. My Dad was in the battle of the bulge in the 84th infantry division, 354th infantry. Also fought in the Ardennes, where he carried a BAR, and received a bronz star for Valor.
    He had a chrome German bayonet and a sword he took off the body of the mayor of Manheim, a city in Germany after he had to kill him or be killed..
    I have a picture of him and fellow soldiers standing next to the cannon known as big Bertha that was used to shell Paris.
    Dad passed away in 2012 at 93!
    RIP Dad we miss you!

  8. If the battery wasn't strong enough to turn over the engine turning on the lights would drain the battery further. My Uncle was in the Battle of the Bulge & these depicted soldiers look in way to good shape compared to the real conditions. Band of Brothers episodes on this battle are much, much better!

  9. Oscars all around for the most amazing script ever. The writers took the most dramatic moment in WW2 for the Americans and made it more boring than watching a glacier move.

  10. Glad this movie is free. This is the most cringe worthy WWII movie that I have ever watched. If you're bored and have an hour and a half to kill then go for it. The acting is mediocre at best and do not expect any historical accuracy what so ever.

  11. I watched this movie and not one Mexican
    on the scene.The Mexican soldier's blood
    was spilled in great quantities. Many
    Mexicans earned the medal of honor in
    WW2,but we're refused services in white
    easteblishments,like restaurant's, and even
    to be buried in there home cemeteries. What
    a shame racism plays such a great roll in
    our society.But the movie was great.I as
    an infantry soldier can tell you something
    of who fights and doesn't, the reason,cuz
    I was there.

  12. I must say this is some horrible acting, only watched it to see if it would get better, the plot is really confusing but oh well still kind of entertaining i was honestly expecting more tho

  13. Whoever oversaw the small arms props on both sides did a respectable job. The M-1 carbines appear to be replicas and some of the belt-fed firing scenes are fully faked but overall it's a better than average representation of small arms, especially German.

  14. Tom Berenger was great in platoon but that was 1986 a major in Infantry would never be that old he looks tired and general Bradley was not present. The radio in the jeep was a field phone. This was a bad film acting sucked and the sun was shining in some scenes which was not what the weather in the winter 1944.

  15. Well – Berenger is wearing a white Lt.Colonel's oakleaf on his helmet but he is a major wirh a gold oakleaf on his shirt collar. And, the suggestion to reinforce Bostogne came from Lt. General George S. Patton. Everyone uses the SCR 536 handy-talkies without putting the antennas up. Other than that, this is a pretty good yarn.

  16. Woke movie. Lt. apologizing to a female nurse when she said that "they don't take field orders from nurses". Duh! Since she wasn't trained as a combat officer, they shouldn't be taking field orders from nurses, or male privates either. Then there is a couple of random black guys that show up. I don't know a lot about the military in WWII but I know it wasn't desegregated (thanks to Roosevelt). Then there are random guys running from the Germans without weapons and when the German's fire, there is no sound of gun shots but there are bullets whizzing past the unarmed soldiers. When a group of MP's show up, who are actually German's, the lead American soldier of an American patrol says something like, "I don't know about these guys, so keep your eyes open". An idiot can't get his Jeep started due to a weak battery and some dumb-ass says "Turn on the lights, maybe that will warm up the battery." WTF Stupid acting all around. Thirty minutes was all I could take. Not worth the money even if it is free.

  17. Yeah, no. This suffers from bad dialogue, bad plotting, incredibly bad pacing, and poor casting. Tom Berenger is a fine actor, but he's literally about twice as old as a 1944 battalion commander. Oh, and he has LTC brass on his helmet, but Major on his uniform blouse. Just poorly done.


  19. 30:08 "Copy that" term wasn't ever used in WWII …… He would have said "Roger that"………… New uniforms on most when actually the majority of troops in the area did not have much winter gear at all ———— way to unauthentic

  20. The soldiers have impeccable hygiene !! From the new clothes to the Shiney guns and the no dirt anywhere including their fingernails…
    Horrible!!!!! Fukkin horrible!!!

  21. Does using the Lord's name in vain add anything to the movie? NO!!

    Exodus20: 7 “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.


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