Barstool Pizza Review – Fini Pizza (Brooklyn, NY)

Dave tries Fini Pizza, a new place with a lot of hype that the entire Brooklyn trip was built around. Will it live up toe expectations?

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Comment (1,058)

  1. 7.9 is not low. He should be thanking Prez because his business would have been taking off after that score, but now, with his cocky, salty attitude, people may not come out of spite.

  2. 7.9 isn't low at all, it's a tough scale. 7 means its good.

    10 doesn't exist (Hometown)
    9 Legendary
    8 Amazing, must try
    7 Very good
    6 Eh it's not bad
    5 This is so mediocre its almost bad
    4 it's bad

    7 is like, the baseline for it being really good pizza. I wouldn't be unhappy with that score at all.
    That guy acted like he didn't know the rules

  3. place. & time for everyone & everything.. when you gonna show Alabama some consideration… football & 🍕?? just asking.. watching your videos for awhile.. I am a fan…. just wondering…

  4. Dave showed all five fingers and held it up in the air just before he said the score. So it's a 7.5 (not 7.9) Dave's not big on sweet pizzas, and the place wasn't historic enough and had owners with a 'eh' personality.

  5. “You have to stay true to what your scoring system is”. That was prob an 8.5 pizza but Davey did not like the vibe of those guys. No order ahead, no real story to the store, owners all serious putting all the pressure on him and the guys showed true to who they were at the end mentioning the low score. Respect to Dave.

  6. Saying your open for 10 days, making him wait 30 min, and owners outside. Not a good combination. Without these factors it could've gone either low 7s or mid 8s

  7. I knew it would be high 7's.. it looks good had crunch..but i could tell by his reaction it wouldn't hit the 8's. 7.9 is a great score.. if there werent there he probably gives it ann 7.5-

  8. The guy that owns this is partners in Lilia, an excellent Italian restaurant also in WIlliamsburg, run by the very talented Missy Robbins. Everything she makes is delicious and she seems to have that golden touch. As this is his first place on his own, he should be very proud of a 7.9 which will def bring him insane business very quickly. I'm sure this spot will only get better in the weeks to come. Now if only they'd do an online ordering system to keep the wait times down… I'm not one to stand around waiting for a pizza (as someone else here mentioned) unless it's Lucali quality pizza.

  9. It's such a punk/egotistical move to watch a man give his personal opinion of your food. You think everyone likes what you like??? Makes me not want it already. STOP WATCHING HIM EAT!!!!

  10. It seems like to get an “8” or above, the pizza has to be:
    1.burnt/crunchy(sometimes to a fault)
    2. Little to no flop
    3. Cheese needs to be free of gooiness
    4. Can’t be sweet at all(I kinda like it a bit sweet)
    5. There must be some kind of story or gimmick to entertain Dave. He seems to enjoy some entertainment along with his burnt slice.
    6. Avoid being a square or football pie. Dave likes little , burnt, crunchy bar pies.
    7. If you are the owner/manager, stay away from Dave and out of the review unless you are summoned. At this point, this should be common knowledge. Don’t creepily hover, it freaks Dave out and you will get a better score.
    I feel a lot of these places suffer because if it’s not made to Dave’s liking, they are screwed. There are some places in the 5 Burroughs that Dave has scored very low that most people who know good pizza would rave about. It’s all opinion and that’s completely cool. I get it, but there are many places that get undeserving scores simply because they are not burnt the way Dave likes em.

  11. Owner acted salty to begin with like he couldn’t answer a fucking question then said the score was low when all mom and pop shops would love a 7.9 this was a 7.3 at best without the annoying ass owner hovering.

  12. I am from germany and brooklyn was for me always Mike Tyson , Wu- Tang – Clan and the Mob. But it looks like Berlin – Kreuzberg , Hippster everywhere

  13. Definitely looks a million times better than other 7.9 scores. I haven't been able to take these scores seriously for a while now but I still enjoy the videos. Dave's judging is fuckin terrible and based on some bullshit. Something or someone hurt his little feelings for that low score…

  14. Dave asked how they would handle the influx of customers on a high score and they stood their like a deer in the headlights. Probably effected the score

  15. Parts of the crust looked beyond well done,burnt carcinogenic crisps. Owners got way too lucky with that score, probably closer to a 7.3-7.4. Owner needs a big slice of humble pie with that shit attitude.


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