Bariatric Surgery | Types of surgery | 2/3

Part 1 | Introduction |
Part 2 | Types of Bariatric Surgery |
Part 3 | Frequently asked questions |

With this video, we will try to:

describe bariatric surgeries and complications associated with them
address key issues related to bariatric surgery.

If you have other questions or concerns following the viewing of this video, do not hesitate to talk to your nurse or doctor.

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  1. A lot people deeply regret this kind of surgery and suffer from very severe complications. Many people are ready to sacrifice a lot to lose weight, but they don't realize what they've done to themselves before it's too late. It's really sad, losing weight in a healthy way requires holistic and long term solution that benefits the overall mental and physical well being.

  2. Hi, how are you ? This bariatric surgery is a medical error, just as errors occur in any other profession. I have two acquaintances of mine who died because of this surgery. One had little stomach and when she went to eat a snack, the little stomach she had was unable to digest it, and then she got severe pains in her stomach, feeling sick and died. The other acquaintance of mine, became weak and when she ate, her intestines could no longer retain nutrients from food and she died of malnutrition. And when she was alive, she kept passing out fainting from weakness, even eating and eating right. Her stomach became small and so the body did not absorb food for it to survive. With so little stomach left in it, they cut a part of it out, and didn’t keep the tissue to be frozen, so that if she eventually needed to undo the surgery, put it back in it again. So how do you do it? And there was another one that I forgot to mention. That the internal scar of the surgery became very thin and broke, causing her stomach to fall into her body and she died instantly. I do not know how they have not yet banned this surgery, with so many people who give problems, after they went through it. Not to say them all. Be careful. Why go through this? Dieting, without being radical and exercising, is the best thing. And examine the patient to see why he doesn't lose weight. I currently, when I eat only two tablespoons of rice on the plate and eat at regular times. It helped me a little to maintain the weight. Hugs.

  3. Jason Lee Hollywood unlocked interviewer all this time I'm thinking that he exercised his weight off but he didn't. He had one of the five weight loss surgery. Basically he said he don't have to keep trying. He had the surgery because he said that he had high inflammation in the body which causes him to not lose some weight meaning you have to detox your body… He didn't want to keep doing that so he took the short way and easy way out. This man done lost 30 lb in 15 days… That is so dangerous…

  4. So if your other part of the stomach that no food no longer travels through will not turn into any types of disease, because food use to travel through there and many foods come with bacteria etc. So nothing will happen to that part of your stomach?


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