BANZAMA?!! 88 Foundations BANZA Player Review! FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 88 Foundations Banza Player Review

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  1. Its fucking annoying that you have to play live fut friendlies for most of the objektive cards. I have enough games in rivals and fut champions to play, and friendlies dont give shit except these cards after 10+ games

  2. I never get this with Zwe, how can you complain at a card with poor shot selection..too close to GK or shooting near post instead of far post, that's not a cards fault, same with headers, they're manual that's user error

  3. This promo is hands down the best released yet. I'm a big fan of EA releasing special cards from leagues other than the top 5 leagues + they are either free or pretty cheap. Thanks to this promo i'm able to use Diogo Costa, my favorite goalkeeper from my club (FC Porto), and have some really cool links. EA should do this type of promo more for sure.

  4. This is great
    Finally cards that are not in the main leagues almost everybody uses and new leagues that can now have better and fun teams for more people to use great vid Zwe!👊😉

  5. this is something they could do maybe once or twice again throughout the year just releasing players from off leagues at the current power level, could be from the same leagues as they are releasing now or just new ones entirely

  6. maignan and areola are the best keepers after the patch, I had donnaruma untrade since the start of the game and he was the best keeper ive seen in any fifa, after the patch he is trash

  7. I run a finisher on him, and i gotta say, he’s a sniper. He is supremely cracked, he can’t miss. And i did him for 15k in liquid coins. I would 100% recommend him


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