BAFTA winning Sam Mendes breaks down tense action scene from award winning ‘1917’ – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 In this first episode of a new series, Life Cinematic, Oscar-nominated British director Sir Sam Mendes talks to Edith Bowman about the films that have influenced his life and career.

His choices range from classics such as Blue Velvet, Taxi Driver and The Godfather II to contemporary masterpieces, including Lost In Translation. Sam also provides insights into the making of his most recent film, 1917, and reflects on his early introduction to cinema, as well as his aspirations for the future.

Life Cinematic explores the art of film-making in a completely new way, featuring an interview with a renowned film-maker alongside a mix of classic clips that have influenced them.

Life Cinematic | Sam Mendes | BBC

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  1. Someday a silent or noise cancelling drone with a blackmagic 6k might be able to do this, totally magnificent to see this one take, best scene in the movie too.

  2. That scene with the flare overwhelmed me for some odd reason. Just the pure beauty and complexity of it just floored me and made me realise that this is what film was made for…

  3. I'm sorry but this movie was just standard for me. Good visuals solid story but it lacked strategic placement. Any soldier has a compass and a map. Using it once would have made his direction more believable

  4. It's awesome that he was shot before this sequence, making this whole sequence feel very dreamlike with the beautiful ruins and the lighting, and the music that sounds like it came from the lord of the rings movie or something.

  5. I went to IMAX to watch this again, that’s my tribute to this masterpiece.

    Glad to know the significance of the poster on the wall: I was wondering what it is and I know it must be something important.

  6. I was really impressed by the 1917 to this scene, but after that it left me jawdropped. I said to my friend: 'this is the scene Roger Deakins wanted and was most glad to record'. Stunning.

  7. This scene made me weep the first time i saw it and made me speechless the second time i saw it. Truly one of the best movie scene ever

  8. I cried watching it in the cinema….i cried watching this clip now! He deserves best Director for this masterpiece and if Roger Deakins doeskin get best cinematography then its a crime! One of the best movies i have EVER seen……<3 and now knowing more about that poster makes it even more special 🙂

  9. Seen this movie three times. I hope it returns to cinemas after its left them, because this movie would not be the same on a small screen. It’s honestly the best cinematic experience I’ve ever had and it makes me sad because I just know that Thomas Newman will not win the Oscar for his breathtaking soundtrack. Mendes and Deakins should win though!

  10. Great scene but I can't understand why the British soldier ran when he saw the German soldier. Earlier in the scene the British soldier is seen loading his rifle so he is ready to fire. He is also stationary whereas the German is moving forwards. The Brit is also an expert shot so all in all I would have expected him to crouch down when he saw the figure approaching and to shoot when he identified him as an enemy.

  11. For me, this was the film of 2019. I haven't seen Parasite yet but I've long been a huge fan of South Korean cinema. 1917 however is just on a level of film that is rare to experience today. Deakins is perhaps the best in the business, he and Mendes have shown such heart and care in this film. It's visceral, emotional, this film is indeed war.

  12. There are some subtle messages in this film where experienced veteran actors such as Cumberbatch and Colin Firth chaperoning young actors which mirrors what happens in the war where veteran generals send young kids into battle. I thought was brilliant.

  13. Saw this for the second time today, and again it’s my favourite scene – everyone involved done such an amazing job. It gives you goosebumps because you are there with him and just want him to get through it all ok: it’s a scene that I will always remember so well done

  14. One thing I dont understand is when the Germans were chasing him, both the ones through the rubble and then the one by the church, wouldn't one stop to aim and shoot at him running away in a fairly straight line instead of hip firing inaccurately while they run?

  15. Had a little leap in my chest when he mentions the De Chirico arches, as that's exactly what they looked like to me when I watched it.

    Once an art student, always an art student, I suppose!

  16. I remember that poster so distinctly. The whole scene the city was so empty and ruined, kind of depressing. The poster gave me a remembrance that it once was a big place, bursting with people, with life. It is so silly, but also quite wonderful that one detail like that can just make you even more aware of your thoughts and change it instantly. I love that he put it in there, and I love the reason why.

  17. Bruh the flares scene is so cool because at first I thought he was just dreaming, due to how empty and blank the sky looked, and it took me a bit to figure out why the scene looked like that. It has that old film vibe that I cannot explain, like those old clay stopmotion films had, as if the characters were actually just toys in a miniature set. And the way the flares light up the scene is just amazing and shows how important lighting is in any visual art form

  18. This scene was absolutly epic when i saw it in the cinema, the feeling that you get while watching him run trough that town with all the lighting and music is absolutly unreal

  19. This scene was just spectacular, certainly one of the greatest scenes of 21st Century cinema so far. The first time I saw it, I just sat there, transfixed, and it wasn't until after the flares died down that I realized I'd been holding my breath the entire time up to that point. Film-making at its greatest.

  20. Watching this first time at the cinema was so surreal. It was like you were with scofield. The score, the visuals, the cinematography just made it so physical. 100% recommend to experience it on a theater/cinema.

  21. at a time when you can do anything with the right budget, there’s something deeply satisfying about skilled people choosing a set of limitations and excelling within those boundaries.

  22. Idk if it's just me but I think having the sky being 100 percent black when the flares light everything else is just the cherry on top, like everything else is lit up but the sky is still pitch black

  23. Im so happy i got to see this movie in the cinema. This whole town scene took my breath away. It looked haunting and beautiful at the same time. Ill never forget the first time I saw this film, what an experience!

  24. Its straightforward genius what they did with this movie. I cannot imagine having to construct all of this out of nowhere in my brain.. but not just that, but then actually making it happen and plan and do everything right.. Its such a complex thing. Sometimes I wonder how its possible for people to create something like this. Art in general. Just create something out of nowhere. Just WOW

  25. that WOKE PC crap in this film was out of place. It was 1917 (not 2017)

    For that alone, this film DID NOT deserve an Oscar. Felt more like a lower budget "must be politically correct" made for BBC TV production, rather than a cinematic masterpiece. It wasn't believable.
    Mendes got FAT and FEM. US critics didn't buy it.

  26. +Sam Mendes Thank You SO MUCH for using Arri 4.5K instead of Arri 3.4K! It made such a HUGE difference! But I still think that RED Helium 8K would've been even better!

  27. Sam Mendes is so full of shit, the shot at the beggining and the shot when Schofield is re introduced are two different takes with a cut that's not hard at all to see, that or they rushed George McKay's down the stairs, which also doesnt align with the fact that he was like, crawling in the conveniently let out part of the first scene, so you either lied with this being one seemless shot or you made your character teleport in a realistic war set movie. What a clown


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