Baby Skunk Stomps His Tiny Feet When He Wants To Dominate | The Dodo

All baby skunks stomp their feet, but this one does it PERFECTLY ๐Ÿ’

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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Comment (812)

  1. These folks are the Pros but I feel bad that they were so comfortable and getting milk and bedding and no threats from Man or Nature….just to be released. I know…its Nature. I know I prbly should never seek employment in a spot like this!! Wishing the Skunks the Best!!

  2. About 4 years ago, I let my dog out to do his business around dusk. As soon as I did I saw what I thought was a neighborhood feral cat near where he was relieving himself. I tried to distract him before he saw it but it was too late. It was at that moment, I saw that the cat was slowly waddling away and I realized what I was looking at wasn't a cat. I ran to grab him but once again, too late. He ran straight over and stuck his nose up that skunk's butt. Btw I forgot to mention that he likes cats. Thank goodness, it was a juvenile skunk and probably felt sorry for this big oaf that was sniffing his butt. The skunk just gave him a little "poof" on his snout but it was enough for him to know not to do it again. Oddly enough, a couple of years ago he became brothers from another mother with a pomeranian/Chinese crescent Powderpuff mix from down the street, that at night, looks just like that little skunk did on that fateful night.

  3. Thank you to all those persons who give their time and understand the value of every life โค๏ธ thank you for all the trouble all the kindness and all that you do ๐Ÿ‘ and God bless you always ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ˜ธ

  4. Skunks also stomp their front paws as a warning. If that doesn't work, they raise their tails and turn around to let you know they are about to spray. I have encountered skunks in the woods and they showed this behavior.
    When I feed the wild animals every morning an evening, the skunks will come right up to me and eat, but most of them are quite passive, except this young male who would stomp and be aggressive, but he never sprayed. His sister would come-up and feed and never show any aggression. The older skunks never showed any aggression, regardless of sex.

  5. I have a sort of friendly skunk by my house. He likes my compost pile with the food scraps. My cat doesn't mind him either. I'll walk past him but I don't mess with him and he doesn't mess with me.

  6. Many years ago I found three orphaned little baby skunks and I raised them and found homes for them..And before I rehomed them…one of my favorite things was how they would all three do the Stomp when they didnโ€™t like things๐Ÿฅฐ

  7. This is reason # 2000 I can't be a foster. I would have a house full of who-knows how many freaking woodland creatures because I could NOT let them go. Good on this guy and everyone else who fosters animals so unselfishly.

  8. I love skunks, all sizes. They are beautiful creatures. I fed several over summer and fall. I recently found a baby that was killed by a predator and I buried him/her in my back yard. They've now gone into hiding and they'll return in the spring. I live in town and I'm not sure where they sleep but I hope and pray they don't get ran over or killed by predators.

  9. My dad brought home 3 of them after he found them wandering next to a road where the mom had be run over. Our dog was a border collie/Australian shepherd mix that was long haired and black and white, he had been sprayed many times by skunks and was not a fan, they apparently thought he resembled their mom because they never stopped chasing him around the yard, he wanted nothing to do with them. Us kids caught as many bugs as we could and they would eat them all, we didn't keep them inside and eventually they wandered off, not once did they spray but they would stomp and hiss and play fight with us like that. We smelled them occasionally for quite awhile.

  10. My father gave me a baby skunk when I graduated from high school. Named him Pepe. Adorable little boy!! When they grow up they let you know they are a wild animal. Tore up my appartment numerous times because he wanted to be outside where he belongs.

  11. He's "grumpy" because you terrorize him with your fingers. "Stomping" is a sign of stressful defense. Glad he finally got to be with other skunks, and away from you.

  12. My mother in law's dog does the exact same thing ….just stomps his spoiled little butt all over her house….to everyone BUT me……I just give him "the look" and he takes that attitude somewhere else…

  13. We raised a baby skunk given to me by a farmer friend. We raised him and he grew up and went wild. One thing he loved to do was play with our young Border Collie. They were the best of friends๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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  15. Adorable, simply too cute for words! Great rescue work folks, I am proud of you! Skunks are very sweet creatures. Tomato juice and enzymes work on removing odor very effectively if you leave them on for 10 mins before soaping off. The scent is musky and pungent but not a bad one. It gives you a headache up close but its not a rotting or putrid smell – the only scent that is repugnant. Don't let a skunk put you off.

  16. I lived in a skunk trail. We had many skunks over the years travel up our driveway & I would go & smoke cigarettes outside w/ headphones on my little kid chair (Iโ€™m an adult) and one time the skunk was walking by & scared me & then the outdoor light came on immediately after & it turned around & was at first scared to but I sent the little boo happy, non-moving energy & he finally detected no threat & kept walking- from that point on I would always (1 a week) be up somehow to see him outside walking his little nightly path to a garden wether outside on my seat, not shocked now just quietly watching, or through our windows, or from a different vantage point on the property- I LOVE that little skunk. I miss having a happy go lucky skunk in my โ€˜hood. Now I get deer, rabbits, bobcats so Iโ€™m still blessed! Anyway I ador skunks & in my experience unless they feel threatened they donโ€™t spray. ๐Ÿ’Œ

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  20. Thank you so much for helping them. I love skunks. Every year Moms would bring babies & need a little help for 2 or 3 weeks then they would leave. Every once in as while a couple would visit. They were really good and there usually was one grumpy stomper sprayer in the bunch… but the others were comfortable they felt secure i think yhey felt love… & knew i would protect them.

  21. When God gave us countenance over animals that didn't' mean to maim or torture. Aside from using animals for food and clothing, this is what countenance meant. To care for. God bless you all for taking care of these adorable albeit stinky animals.


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