Baby Geniuses

In the secret underground headquarters of BABYCO, worldwide leader in infant care products, its founder and CEO, renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Elena Kinder (Kathleen Turner), is about to reap the harvest of years of research. Certain children are born geniuses, prodigies born with the wisdom of the ages, who around the age of two lose their extraordinary intelligence as they begin to communicate with adults. Though her discoveries could earn her a Nobel Prize, Dr. Kinder and her esteemed associate Heep (Christopher Lloyd) have another goal in mind: to tap into the infant and toddler brain power source and use the resulting intellectual energy to secure their own personal power and wealth. Only one thing stands between Dr. Kinder and world domination; a very intelligent two-year-old named Sly. © 1999 TriStar Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. This movie popped into my head just now and I thought, lemme look up a clip… and the WHOLE MOVIE was here FOR FREE! One of the most underrated movies that I quote from way too often! Thank you YouTube! ❤️

  2. "Sorry, there was an error licensing this video."

    I was thinking that this would be fun to watch but something happened to where I can't watch it. Fix this, please? I enjoyed this movie and I don't have the hard copy with me at the moment.


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