Jane Hayes’s (Keri Russell, TV’s “The Americans”) adoration of all things Jane Austen is complicating her love life: no real man can compare with the brooding and handsome character Mr. Darcy. Determined to be the heroine of her own story, Jane spends her life savings on a trip to Austenland, an eccentric resort in the English countryside where guests experience complete immersion in the Regency era. Armed with her bonnet, corset and needlepoint, Jane strives to avoid spinsterhood and meets two very different gentlemen… but has a difficult time determining where fantasy ends and real life—and maybe even love—begins. Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde franchise), Jane Seymour (Wedding Crashers), JJ Feild (Captain America: The First Avenger) and Bret McKenzie (TV’s “The Flight of the Conchords”) also star in this charming romantic comedy based on the bestselling novel by Shannon Hale.

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  1. it's saying don't care about your fantasy so much …. cause when the fantasy ends ….. it ends …. back to reality …. real life takes over …. we can't live in fantasy and fairytales ….. It's not healthy ….. you can see it in the movies …. but you can have a get away once in a while ……. 😉👍

  2. "Austenland"!!! And it's FREEEEEE!!! I find it hard to understand why this isn't a real thing. Jane Seymour's sister is hilarious. Silent as her role is, her facial expressions speak volumes.

  3. Epiphany! The core of the "Asian" cultural soul has not evolved since feudal times. Every period film parallels the anachronistic ways of today's eastern societies. Mao's attempt to eradicate such traditions resulted in deformation, disfunction, corruption, and perversion. That's why the West believed that by prospering youth of the current generation would eclipse the influence of their ancestors.

  4. What a great movie. Jennifer Coolidge was terrific (they all were). She reminded me of Bette Midler in the hilarious movie Big Business. Bette ain't got nothing on Jennifer!

  5. I'm mad. I just rented this last month on here. Then loved it so much I bought the DVD. Now its FREE?!! Well, at least my DVD won't have ads!

  6. I love this movie and I was super excited to be able to watch it here! Jennifer Coolidge is soooo funny, I was laughing so hard. Great story overall, I love Jane Seymour as well!

  7. Everytime I see JJ.Fields not in the old Victorian Or Georgian are dress, I have a weird moment where I remember he does do other movies or shows. I swear hes been in more period dramas or romances than any actor ever lmao

  8. Keri Russell was pregnant during the filming and could not do certain things, like ride the horse, (she was allowed to sit on the horse, but not ride is in the commentary). I like the movie, it has a different humor, like British humor. I am a little upset with the script and the way Jane is written. She should have been more into the era and the whole experience if she is a TRUE Austen fan.

  9. The info desk staff and bystanders in the background at 1:23:48 are absolute gold for the entire scene. In fact, for the entire movie, the every one who's in the background is brilliant. I've never been so eager to rewatch a movie before, just to catch all the expressions and reactions.


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