Atalanta 1-3 Juventus | Higuain and Dybala Strike Late to Secure Comeback Win! | Serie A

A late brace from Gonzalo Higuain and another from Paulo Dybala won the three points for Juve after Robin Gosens gave Atalanta a second-half lead | Serie A

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  1. I came to realise this trend. When Ronaldo did not play, they tend to score more goals and have better team chemistry. I love Ronaldo but it feels like when he is playing, everyone seems to pass the ball to him for him to score which reduces the possibility of getting more goals. Idk if it’s just me but comment below if you guys felt the same?

  2. Again n again…
    Hand ball.. Redcard … denied…
    Cuardado handball before goal..
    Higuan kick atalanta player before The goal…
    And de sciglio handball… Wkkwkwkkw
    But refree bestfriend everyone knows who… Wkkwkw
    Shame on u

  3. Thank you to those who think that juventus never scores more than 2 goals. It made me look into it and…well, make your own opinion:
    29. set. 2018 18:00 Serie A Juventus 3 : 1 Napoli
    02. ott. 2018 18:55 UCL Juventus 3 : 0 Young Boys
    03. nov. 2018 20:30 Serie A Juventus 3 : 1 Cagliari
    01. dic. 2018 18:00 Serie A Fiorentina 0 : 3 Juventus
    21. gen. 2019 20:30 Serie A Juventus 3 : 0 Chievo Verona

    02. feb. 2019 20:30 Serie A Juventus 3 : 3 Parma
    10. feb. 2019 18:00 Serie A Sassuolo 0 : 3 Juventus
    15. feb. 2019 20:30 Serie A Juventus 3 : 0 Frosinone
    08. mar. 2019 20:30 Serie A Juventus 4 : 1 Udinese

    12. mar. 2019 21:00 UCL Juventus 3 : 0 Atlético de Madrid
    31. ago. 2019 20:45 Serie A Juventus 4 : 3 Napoli
    01. ott. 2019 21:00 UCL Juventus 3 : 0 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
    23. nov. 2019 15:00 Serie A Atalanta 1 : 3 Juventus
    moreover italian serie A is italian serie A, with all due respect to other championsips…and the first commandment of italian football is: dont get any goal, dont let the other team score! under any circumstances…then try to score if you can, but above all dont let the other team score!!!!

  4. Juventus gana todo en italia que novedad higuain goleador serie A lleva a su equipo a la final de la champions todos saben que pasa nominan a penaldo a balon de oro por meter 22 goles de penal

  5. Higuain showing he is far from over, and Dybala showing that he can be the brightest star on the pitch.
    Dybala should start every game. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ vamos Argentina ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. Atalanta should have been awarded another penalty. And the goal for 2-1 was off side. Cuadradro was in an offside position when he received the pass from dybala. Both decisions are inexcusable as one was ignored by VAR and the second didn't even go to it. The linesman was right there and it's obvious. Juve appear to be getting decisions other teams do not, again

  7. Despite the fact that they miss the penalty, you can see at 0:37 how the referee says keep going keep going, until someone from VAR tells him different, you can see there how juventus has serie A on their pockets, they're the real madrid of Italy. Thiefs.

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    Atalanta 1-3 Juventus | Higuain and Dybala Strike Late to Secure Comeback Win! | Serie A

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  9. So let me get it correct. when the ball and the hand are on distance about 2 or 2.5 meters it is counted as penalty but when the ball and the hand are in a distance up to 5-6 meters it doesn’t count as a penalty. Oh, i almost forgot, it is Serie A, it’s about refeeres and their unconditional love for Juventus.


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