#AskNASA┃ What is Artemis?

NASA astronaut Serena M. Auñón-Chancellor answers the question ‘What is Artemis?’ Comment on this video using #AskNASA with your questions for upcoming episodes!

Dr. Auñón-Chancellor reveals more about the program to land American astronauts, including the first woman and the next man, on the Moon by 2024. She also shares her experience in long-duration spaceflight aboard the International Space Station on the Expedition 56/57 missions.

For more information about Artemis:

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  1. There are several huge lava tubes (ancient lava flows long dead) photographed on the Moon (and when we get there on Mars too!) We have lava tubes on Big Island, Hawaii. NASA trains there (when Kilauea lets them). The terrain is similar to the lunar surface so space suits need to be flexible and durable. Lava tubes will protect future astronauts from deadly radiation and can be enclosed so oxygen and pressure can be contained. Potentially thousands of people will live there to construct and launch missions to Mars and beyond.

  2. At first, I thought I was gonna have a one on one question asking with NASA lol…anyway, I still would like to have my question answered…A month ago, I read about a huge asteroid that could cross path with our beautiful planet on Oct 3rd 2019, is this still anticipated and how likely is it gonna happen?

  3. What is Artemis? Artemis was a Greek goddess.
    What is Apollo? Apollo was a Greek god.
    So the real question is…
    What is with your cult worship of the old gods nasa? Not very sciencey imho.

  4. Numerous NASA spokespersons have said that we have been unable to pass through the Van Allen Belt. How will that be accomplished? How will you break the news to the public that humans have never passed out of low earth orbit given the existing narrative?

  5. We looking forward to see the first woman in the moon it's gonna to be exciting because women's role in space explorations is very important for our future ,hopefully to see the womens on mars and I will be one of them ❤👌

  6. My sons in the middle of a school project and was looking for a live video of a spacewalk where the astronaut pans his video the full 360degrees blurry stars n all having trouble finding anything??

  7. Also looking for a video uncut full length launchpad all the way into space (no cutting to animation) kinda like scrolling backwards on google earth until you can see the whole of our beautiful home.

  8. Yes, Yes, Yes! It's about time NASA showed the public that they can have fun too. Just as long as they don't go back to the '80's or 90's mentality about safety, but the general public wants to enjoy ideas of space travel, not believe it's only for the scientists and nerds.

  9. I wish you guys made these accomplishments more about humanity. Instead of feeling the need to inject feminism into the whole thing. There are instances throughout the release of Artemis, and interviews that puts such an odd focus on that. It was never about what gender could or couldn't do something. And the world is full of role models for all mankind. Just achieve the mission, and people will notice who achieved those feats.

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  14. Artemis is the space program that NASA has run like it doesn’t care! And we’re going to lose astronauts on that ship like it doesn’t care!! It has taken 10 years so far instead of the 4 years it needed to get to the moon, and billions of dollars when off the shelf space shuttle parts should have cost it millions!

  15. You are going to make another history😍. Very loving, you are very lucky 😇😇.here I am confused about my future ,actually I wanna to be a vyomonaut but I don't know how I achieve that? Now I am studying 9 th STD.☺️

  16. We have a problem with conflicts in Ukraine-Russia clashes and you're starting the Moon missions? Are you serious? I don't understand why you're putting the dangerous astronauts through accelerating this mission launch. With such a weak and too fast preparation – astronauts could die out there. They are one of the biggest assets of NASA, don't waste their lives like baseball cards!


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