Ask Jeffrey 2

The Jeffreaks family is growing and have had many unanswered Questions. Time to give you the answers 🙂
Ask Jeffrey (Part 1):

Hiiiiiiiiii! We should connect!
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If you’ve reached this part, I dare you to comment.

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  1. Bonjour viendra tu en France bientot ? Si oui i would really like to meet you, I leave in Lyon , if you come you can always stay at my house 😂😂😂 if you don't have money for the hotel 😊

  2. That quiz text 😂
    Favourite family member?
    mom (not my dad)

    Future goals
    Finding a girlfriend 🙁

    Who's your best friend
    My body pillow

  3. When you really don't have enough money to do those things that you wish you could… 🙁
    (Seriously I burst out laughing at that part between those two Jeffreys with the its own Jeffrey secret language)

  4. I am so happy to finally find your channel. You are sooo hilarious and really brighten my day! Please keep up the good work.😄😀✌️ Hope that I am not too late. By the way, you sort of look like the Taiwanese actor Eric Huang Shao Qi.


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