Artemis Update: A Year of Progress on Returning to the Moon

Our Artemis program will return U.S. astronauts to the surface of the Moon, a goal announced by Vice President Mike Pence on March 26, 2019. Take a look at all we’ve accomplished since then, from testing our Orion spacecraft and building our Space Launch System rocket to graduating a new Artemis Generation class of astronauts and creating partnerships with private industry.

Video Producer: Sonnet Apple
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  1. Is no one else going to mention the fact that the LUT is going to be used for two moon landing programs more than 50 years apart from each other?

  2. So what happened to the Von Braun project? It looked like the ideal base idea for creating gravity & refuelling station midway to the Moon & beyond.

  3. They should have given the funds to SpaceX. This project is now approaching 10 billion dollars! So much waste on really dumb people. 🤨. Reminds me of the NBA! 😂

  4. They better get there fast because everyone knows what's on the moon it a gold mine china Russia and other countries and company's are racing to be the first to start mining beginning with water for rocket fuel

  5. This will fix the economy worldwide and many of the problems we have on the planet as the apollo fix back then and change the world every day… with slow moves and innovation in every aspect of our life! So double the NASA budget and bring more ESA and others on this to be one planet on this, then it's ok to GO everywhere on the universe and keep with new solutions our planet healthier! if we don't then goodbye to humanity!

  6. Dream on, we still did not figure out how to safely leave low Earths Orbit. We are not going to Moon until year of 2134 ultimately expanding through entire Solar System by 2443.

  7. I am so excited about the Artemis mission; it's long overdue to go back to the moon! Congratulations to the Artemis astronauts! We go!

  8. We were exploring space , are exploring space and will continue exploring it because it is our love, our life and our everything. We are going to the moon and to Mars as the beginning of a new era of space exploration. Let others criticise us but we will not stop because ' EXPLORATION NEVER ENDS'.

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