Around The House Happenings! ‘Mud Room’ Transformation, Grocery Haul, Tidying Up, Food Prep & More!

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Hey party people! Thanks so much for hanging out with me today while we do some stuff around the house!! I am attempting to get my life in order. I set up. amud room area if you will.. really it’s just a place for shoe storage and a place to dump our things before we enter the house! lol I also tidy up the play room and all around we just hang out together. Oh I share a grocery haul, and some food prep! Let’s hang out today! Also thanks so much for sticking around through the sponsored content. I truly appreciate it, I have four sponsored videos this month and I bet that may seem like a lot compared to my normal two – at least it feels like a lot to me. This won’t be normal come the new year! Just want to give you a heads up and be real!


Save 50% or more on your SimpliSafe security system during their biggest sale of the year! Visit to learn more!

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  1. DJ Khalid! 😆 You are too funny. And yes, Napster had some very weird things on there. Thank you for all of the motivation. I've been needing a boost recently. I get so overwhelmed but I'm glad I have you to cheer me on.

  2. I watch friends be stressed over planning kids birthday parties and decided that birthday one,five,ten,thirteen, sixteen,eighteen, twenty one and the rest we allowed them to pick a restaurant and invite a friend. Less stress,better times. This is with worked for us.
    Enjoy your new home and take time to enjoy what God has blessed you and your family 👪.

  3. Kids are old enuf to clean up after themselves. Sandy's kids aren't allowed to go anywhere other than the playroom till it is picked up. Sometimes it works, lol.

  4. Great job Alex ,show those muscles, Kim glad you have a great man to help, my husband retired and said I am not doing anything, I do it all, even painting to he shed, he eats and sleep and get a bath, watch tv, he does take the dog out most time, but that it.

  5. It’s a silly question but since I live up more north I figured I’d ask it. Do you have gators to worry about in your area? I’m assuming no because you have your doors wide open. How about lizards or anything? Lol. I love seeing your house become a home. I love how happy the kids look. You guys are beaming. ❤️

  6. I think you do great Kim!! Kids are kids and you really can only train your own as other parents can get pretty upset if you try to hold them hostage!! Lol. They are only young once. We had a cabinet with a lock on it with toys that were messy or lots of pieces and it stayed locked as long as groups of friends were over. One friend over we would get things out one at a time and we were usually pretty close by!!! That was my best accomplishment of keep markers and play dough and tiny toys you tear your feet up on away from rest of toys!!!!

  7. Kim! I'm wo glad you mentioned the Chinese food- I felt like that too, found out I have a low tolerance to soy. Think that could be it? I would get bloated and feel really icky plus heart burn…..

  8. Kim, regarding your oven—I don’t know if you know this, but probably do since you and Alex are very savvy about the internet, etc. So I offer this info just incase it will help you.
    You can google your oven—make and model—and get an instructions and troubleshooting guide you can download. Since it wouldn’t go higher than 171 degrees it would seem that there is a thermometer setting or program setting that needs to be voided.
    You are doing wonderful with you new house.

  9. Hello my name is valia I live in Volos Greece. First of all congrats on the new home is beautiful. I wish I have one😀😀 I am still on rent. I saw your house display on your video and I have some suggestions if I may.
    I believe it would be best if you turn your dining room in your little girl room by close completely the door which is by the front door and add an regular door on the other side. Place your dining table near your kitchen close to your windows so when you have guests you can enjoy the view while eating rather to be on a close room. Also you can add some furniture on the entryway(where the door is now if you built it) so you have room for jackets shoe's or bags (dropzone). Additional this way all the bedrooms is all together and you can isolate your daughter at night when have people and hear her while you are in the kitchen cooking rather passing by her glass doors.
    Now suggestions on the room with the glass doors is maybe an office for you or your husband with a 🛋 which can open so people can sleep over. I hope I am not overstepping it is only a suggestion. I wish you and your beautiful family all the best. Enjoy your house to the fullest. (sorry if I misspelled anything. English is not my native language). I post it in the previous video but you didn't see it so here it is again 😁😁💗💗

  10. In my home, the supermarket I go to is open up to 22:00 and the second one I shop at up to 23:00 and my favorite time to shop is 45 minutes before the closing time. Two reasons, first it's all quiet and nobody's bothering eatch other, there is just some quiet music playing, no advertisements etc, second it's usually the time I drive by the shop on my way home from school and work, and the people there are usually the same,some going to work, some from work, there are some firefighters or police officers buying snacks, and some moms with really small babies, that just shop now, because their schedule is whack, but I love it. It's my favorite time to shop and the produce is on super mega sale right before closing time 🤣

  11. All three of those pieces go together on your sink stopper. Look at your other sink stopper, you will see how to put it together. It actually needs to be replaced. Been there, done that. I got tired of putting mine back together.

  12. I'm not a nice as you… if someone trashed my house they would no longer be allowed in. House rules are important for Momma and her sanity and overall wellbeing. Love you Kim! 🤗

  13. You know, when most vloggers get a new house I’m like, “oh good for you🙄” BUT.. I’m so happy for you when you found and bought this house. You truly deserve it and you also bought second hand things for your new house. I feel old but I used to listen to Casey Casum all the time and the weekly countdown was such the highlight of the weekend 💕 love your videos “Bon Appetit” 😂

  14. I never picked up toys etc. after the age of three. We had a chart and every night after picking up their stuff they got a star, a treat and $1.00 added to their jar. At the end of the month we went shopping and 50% of the money they earned was to pick out something they wanted and after shopping we went to the bank and they put 50% in their savings account. We have five children. Honestly they loved doing it.
    They did it until the age of ten. Still had chores but recieved a allowance for more because they did more. 🤗

  15. Kim the carnitas on the picture, you said you think it’s cotija cheese but it’s not! It’s white onion 🧅 usually tacos only take onion, cilantro and maybe cabbage/lettuce 🥬 😊

  16. KIM! NEVER, EVER spray fluid of any kind directly on a electrical switch or outlet cover! SAFETY FIRST! I thought you would give me a case of heart failure! The kid that makes the mess? Explain the facts of life to the little darling! Going forward, all children playing in that area are responsible for cleaning up the area before leaving said area! Otherwise you won’t be invited back!
    I would be painting that garage door and frame in semigloss for easier cleaning!

  17. I sing the thing when there is a lot of dishes in the sink!! lol!!! love your humor!! you have a great spirit about you!! love it!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤ 🤗👐🤗👐🤗 and 💋😘😗😚😙💋😘!!! ✌☮🕊🏳✌ out!! I've done that rushing around!! hi elinore!!!❤❤❤

  18. Love your videos Kim💜! I love how real and honest you are and how sweet your whole family is😘. Sometimes, everyday life can be exhausting and a thankless job; but, you always make it fun and enjoyable🤗. You always put a little happy in our day😉!

  19. I’m glad to see the family helping. The way you edit videos makes it seem like you’re doing it all. My kids used to have friends over that absolutely destroyed bedrooms and toys. Drove me nuts. I started treating their friends like my own kids and they got my wrath if they made huge messes. Their parents would be called at a moment’s notice to let them know their child would be delayed in the pick up time until everything was put away in the proper space. I would sit and watch as they cleaned so no sneaking to potty, shoving crap under beds, etc. Funny thing is my kids are still friends with a lot of these kids and still laugh at how strict I was with them. They all still call me mom and have started doing the same with their kids.

  20. I love watching your videos. Your spunky attitude and not hiding your mess. It makes us moms feel it’s ok to have mess sometime (whether we like it or not😬). Love watching your family!!

  21. Once again, let me say how special it feels to see Alex helping out, & your kids, too! There's a lot on your plate, so sharing it w/others is the way to go<3 Love your family!

  22. As a professional cleaner of 29 years, no, in general we don’t clean the garage door on the side facing the garage. The side in the house yes. However, I do clean both sides of the garage door but that’s because I’m very good. But I think any housekeeper would do the garage side if asked for no additional charge.

  23. Kim, you work so hard, and you have so much (parties, holidays, just moved, etc) on your plate. If you were my daughter, I'd hire (with your permission, of course) a cleaning crew to come in and help you some more. You sure deserve a break.

  24. Most cleaning companies are only insured for "inside areas" of the home but not garages/attics and any out buildings. not sure about patios but I doubt it. Garages have items that could cause injury I guess that the insurance companies aren't willing to cover. They can clean the inside of the door/not exterior though some will clean the front entry and outside the door if it is basically empty I think. My sister in law is a realtor and she has crews for all kinds of home prep/trash removal/ yard debris clean ups/ etc. to prepare for sale properties if the owners have already moved out of state. She charges them a lot for the work outside I have heard her say in the past. God bless and great job! You guys work well together!

  25. Hi Kim! I’m new to your channel and I must tell you I have never laughed so much in a YT vlog as I have in yours! You are hilarious! My cheeks are sore from laughing! What an enjoyable channel to watch ! Love your new home!

  26. Ok Kim so I have to say I just started watching your videos and your videos are my favorite…had to subscribe, so hilarious almost an hour of entertaining fun. Side note I watched one of your meal prep videos you made eggs in the instapot who knows if that's spelled right anyway, you were having a hard time peeling them and asked for any easier way well this is what I do I cook the eggs usually boil. I add salt to the water about a tablespoon this helps separate the shell from the eggs when you got to peel… cook until done (whatever time you cook them for and whatever vessel you cook them in) when they are done drain the water you cooked them in off and shake the pot like a crazy woman (to crack all the shells on the eggs) then cover with cold water let sit while you do other things. Now that's enough dilly dalling back to the eggs lol the water would have gotten between the shell and the eggs and peeling should be a breeze. I hope you read this because that tip is wonderful works for me every time

  27. Love the cleaning inspiration! I went to Florida State and we called it the “clublix” lol all the girls in their cute going out clothes shopping for groceries and a husband 😂

  28. Love your Jack Vettriano prints Kim! I’ve got the same ones 👍 your house is fabulous your so lucky I hope your all enjoying yourselves 😁 xxx🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  29. You're a lot nicer than my mom was with the toys lol, we always had to clean up our own toys even as toddlers even if the mess was from our friends.
    As someone who has experience working with a home cleaning service company, we cleaned anything we saw dirty and did a general overall clean but unless requested specifically we didn't go into garages. Honestly I don't think I had ever went into someone's garage to clean, I've definitely wiped down the house side of a door into the garage but that's about it for garages.

  30. That is quite a gorgeous car that Meredith is rolling towards at the beginning! The storage unit by the garage door could also be positioned vertically so it takes less wall space. (3 cubbies high and 2 wide)

  31. Kim, try to take out some time for you. I love how you are all about your family. I love how you show the real life messes. You are truly a good mommy. Tell Alex that I loved seeing him helping as well.


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