Are you 1 in a billion? Join WHO in promoting health, keeping the world safe, serving the vulnerable

The World Health Organization (WHO) is committed to making a healthier humanity, where access to health care, protection from emergencies, and promotion of healthy lives are available to all. WHO’s “Triple Billion” goals provide focus for the world to make people healthier. Can you imagine by 2023 one billion more people with access to health services, one billion more kept safer from outbreaks and emergencies, and another billion living healthier? WHO and our partners can. Join us on the drive to provide health for all.

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  1. MC WHO ,remove video made based on Indian or involved India people..MF WHO ,though this video ,trying to gain sympathy of people .and other end Indian territory like Jammu &Kashmir & Leh-Ladhak showing in China in Map.Stop Such type if China centric your activities otherwise WHO will have to pay for it.its clear warning to WHO .Stop your nonsense activities against India

  2. Hört darauf was die WHO sagt! Macht dann das Gegenteil und ihr seid auf der sicheren Seite! Der WHO Direktor war in einer Terrororganisation in Äthiopien. Und Bill Gates finanziert die WHO. Ein Mann, der sagte, dass die Menschheit reduziert werden muss. Wehrt euch gegen seine Impfstoffpropaganda!!!

  3. Why TAIWAN cannot join the WHO meeting? WHO is made for the World, and any political reasons are excepted. That means all regions have a right to join the meeting if any global issue happened in this world.
    Everyone knows that the WHO president fell in love with China, and WHO has some political discrimination for the regions where have badly commented about Chinese care of COVID-19 and politically opposed to China.
    We don't care how much the president likes China, but DO NOT abuse your standing for regions and just stop kissing China.

  4. Have they not travelled in the land so that they should have hearts with which to understand, or ears with which to hear? For surely it is not the eyes that are blind, but blind are the hearts which are in the breasts.

  5. Why booo because I complained about my neighbour who brings people over every day make noise and fuss stay late pass the nine , but no one can do nothing about this and I don't want to waste money on cops who do not come over was this not your job to begin with how will you stop virus with this going on ? nostroagiro yahoo com email to send you address of my neighbour

  6. Sir. I am a medical doctor and also has two years diploma inmedical technician(pharmacy technician)my purpose is to join "who" through proper channel channel to serve the humanity as can I do. So, my first " "

    "As a employer
    is that to work in "WHO

  7. Otherwise I want a wish from that "WHO"gave to me an approval letter according to my diploma and compitent . Sir I request to world health organization gave me a chance to prove my ability and I promise I will never depressed to u Keen lookplz.hv a

  8. I belongs to a poor family and want to do something special to my family and also want to serve the humanity from covid-19and kickked ass to coronavirus forever terminated. Plz. Sir. Gave me a chance.

  9. I am one in a billion, I,, want to join WHO in promoting healthier humanity., I want people to improve their relation inter personal Relation in Families and community. I feel most of family members are selfish ,with their minds apart and distanced from other members of family .We must help them to be come closer to their relatives ,siblings, parents ,grand parents, and live in harmony .Love you all. God bless me to bring success to me to achieve my dreams


  10. I aspire to be a doctor and devote my life to the people who endure dollar bills can make me smile but a smile of a person whom I saved will give me real happiness I wanna become 1 in a billion !!!! I am 16 n I strive to work with WHO I will do the utmost to accomplish it !!!!


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