Are These Mayflies Friends or Foes? #Shorts

Can you imagine being this parking attendant? Following a baseball game in Minnesota, he found himself covered in mayflies, insects that spend about 99% of their lives as nymphs until they all emerge during “the hatch” for mating, according to @Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

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  1. Heck after about the 10-20 flies I'm sure he just keeps on going not even thinking about them. Keep up your good work and yes you do need a raise or a bee suit

  2. Yeah, that’s real funny, it’s a guy trying to support his family and you video him and make fun of him to his face. Yeah, real funny. Nice cough by the way. I couldn’t imagine what you look like

  3. y’all in the comments havin some typa moral superiority actin like you’ve never laughed at someone who’s in a inconvenient situation 😭

  4. It breaks my heart when seeing an old man (/woman) working outside when it's dark outside or if the weather is bad, or if smth bizarre like these mayflies is happening. They should be resting at home instead.

  5. You should be ashamed of yourself and your disgusting behavior when this man is just trying to make a living because we make retirement almost impossible and you have the nerve to mock, laugh and record. You aren’t cute sis you should be better and do better

  6. This guy is working hard while she laughs at him! I hope some mayflies make their way into Karen’s annoying mouth. Now that would be funny. Ughh…. Karens 🤢🤮🤮


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