Archaeologist Discovers What No One Was Supposed to See

One of the coolest things about our planet is how dirt piles up over time and buries things. This means that future people can dig down and explore the past, perfectly preserved underground. Yup, that’s right, in a thousand years some archaeologists will probably be giving guided tours of your man cave. But not everything they find is so easy to explain. In fact, some things were supposed to stay hidden. From the sickly sarcophagus to the mummified man, here’ 20 Horrifying Archaeological Discoveries

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  1. Ditto on J. Bates response. Have to go somewhere else for info on the Hand if there even is any. Was it from a deformed birth that are common world wide today, inbreeding, to keep power in the family, a prank or a Star Gate visitor ? 11/27/2021

  2. Imagine the dude who shows up for work at the museum and is told "we have a special project for you","oh what is that?","we want you to build a acrylic holder!","oh for what?","for some viking poop!", " say again?"

  3. No Africans built the pyramids, whether you want to admit it or not, the African man is far much more intelligent than he is made to believe. If only Africans could unite and stop being greedy,we could achieve the unimaginable

  4. All of them are very interesting and informative. The narrative was clear and concise and not bad for a computer generated voice, except the often programmed chuckle, which sometimes came at somewhat inappropriate times, such as death and the dead. Interesting and good nonetheless.

  5. If The Pyramids were built in line with the "Orion Belt" makes me think those "from the heavens" came & built them for the
    "FREQUENCY"…………….. "NICOLA TESLA" Technology & they are still here !!! & there, & there !!!!!!

  6. That a man has a rope around his neck does not warrant the conclusion he was hung by it. In fact, it is very unlikely he would have had his neck unbroken if he had been hung. Hung men do not look that way.

  7. NEVER heard hypothesis pronounced Hypo theesis.
    Is that a typical US pronunciation.
    Also learn the point of an umlaut lad. Ö
    Venetian Plegg? Is that a Plague?
    Also Sack say huayman an odd pronunciation.

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  9. I believe the bible and it says fallen angels corrupted us and if he hadn't confused their language they would have achieved what they set out to do… Pyramids n towers of Babylon were trying to past the dome maybe… Think about it.

  10. What "bones"? The Tollands man is a MUMMY! Only some arm & leg bones are exposed.
    The Frankland expodition purpose was to discover the NW passage. They became trapped in ice & their ships were crushed, Frankland died & the surviving crew attempted to reach civilization but one by one they froze & starved to death.

  11. According to archeologist the black sarcophagus was full of water because of mass flooding. Egypt was like Africa during the building of the Sphinx, lush green land with tigers, lions ect, the flooding was a result of the Nile overflowing like the Mississippi does to deposit fresh rich soil, until they polluted it. So frequently if a Egyptian leader had beloved slaves they would sometime put them in their own casket because maybe the one with an arrow wound jumped in front of Pharo to save his life. The leader always, unless killed by accident like king tut, would be alive during his wait for the work to be done on his own casket and without the art this means they were in a hurry to get rid of the bodies.. well I hope u enjoyed my perspective on the Egyptian sarcophagus . Great video. 😁

  12. "Ritual sacrifice" means they don't know why, but it's a default and comforting explanation suggesting primitive minds and that we are therefore now at a peak of behavioural progress, the best we have ever been. The idea that ancients may have conducted themselves as intelligently as us is a threat to our exceptionalism.

  13. The fake foam latex hand in the thumbnail destroys the credibility of this video at first glance. Btw, it’s a torn foam latex hand at that. That hand is a fake and shouldn’t have been presented as a genuine artifact. Most of the other content is real, which is perplexing to say the least, you had a ton of other real content you could have used why the hoaxed hand?

  14. Most of your "Lasco" (Lascaux) pictures are actually from Chauvet (I'm neighbor from)… I suppose all your other "genuine documents" are from the same "scientific" origin… : facepalm:

  15. At 1 time mankind was more advanced that we are today. Alot more advanced. But not technological but spiritually. It gave him gifts and abilities that would be miraculous by todays standarda including communing with God which of coarse is the ultimate gift: to hear Gods voice in our heads

  16. Ini mah tangan Kaka saya….waktu di potong waktu di iris …disakiti lahir dan batin….tanpa bersalah…..keji..kejam….pemerasan tidak manusiawi……begitu menyakitkan dan menyedihkan…….menjerit tidak ada yang menolong…karena Kaka saya dan keluarga saya mah hanya rakyat yang tak berdaya….hanya bisa berdo.a…dan air mata………,…

  17. Stonehenge was moved to it's present location around 1900-1910—and repaired and reset in concrete footings in 1954!!! Re-search it! first known image of it was made by famous artist John Constable!!!!!

  18. Rare Topic is silly and should be explained. Moai are allowed their dignity. Spoiler alert: Child sacrifice should require a warning! The Mummies of Inca children should be repatriated per the NGPRA,

  19. Why is it people think its perfectly acceptable to dig up peoples graves and put them on freak show displays in museum's to make money off of? Would you want yourself your children or familys graves disturbed in such a way? This is morbid and incredibly wrong!!!!!!!!!

  20. Alien looking features didn’t visit the earth: they lived on earth before is. This is states in the Bible in that cities and nations existed but gone or frozen. Interesting? Study the Old Testament.

  21. If I remember correctly, the Moai were toppled because (or in relation to) the diseases brought by the English when they landed and left, it’s been a while since I learnt about it, so I’m not sure, but it is either because the ancestors were no longer protecting the inhabitants or because the inhabitants didn’t want the ancestors to see that. They eventually were either killed off by the disease or taken as slaves. There are very few people left directly related to them now. By the way, quite a few of these discoveries are explained by episodes from Discovery’s Unearthed.

  22. Oh, you just had to use the term BCE instead of BC, didn't you? Trying to appeal to the liberal scientific community, who wants to change the historical use of BC and AD for BCE and CE? And no other reason than their lack of belief? This is what liberals try to do, change the world and mold it to their agenda! This takes away from the interesting aspects of this site and makes it just another arrogant liberal den!

  23. #RARETOPIC – Well… it’s my opinion that lacking context, background; any substantive details whatsoever, makes drawing a proper conclusion Impossible. Not even a name for who’s making this claim??? Really??? 🤦‍♂️

  24. It surprises me that most people do not know that Stonehenge had a lot if rebuilding and restoration, the stones were re-erected straightened or embedded in concrete between 1901 and 1964. In addition the stones were supposedly moved from their original place located Wales sometime before 1860 and after 1700. So there really is no way of knowing exactly what they originally looked like, and kind of makes whatever they say has been discovered buried underneath questionable as to how it is related to Stonehenge.


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