Arcane: Season 2 Announcement

Ready yourselves, friends. Season 2 of Arcane is now in production.
Where’s a hexgate when you need one?


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  1. if yall like the animation i really recommend into the spider-verse movie, its literally a perfect masterpiece and it has almost the exact same animation

  2. So glad it's a continuation of season 1 and that they aren't just jumping into a different part of the world…though I would eventually like to see that. Plus, we got so close to Vi and Caitlyn. Not giving up hope yet lol

  3. Amazing show. I’ve been playing League since it came out. Really impressed on how far Riot games has come. I really hope we get to see every champion’s stories. Looking forward to see Teemo, Velkoz and Urgot on here – – my mains 🤓

  4. Have to say… realy not got into LoL… played just a bit with friends couple of years ago. But i am a lore friends… and even the little bits of lore we could read ingame and on the websites years ago made me want you to do more with the stories, charackters and the world… this series is amazing. Now some good story RPG's and stuff. This universe is realy nice.

  5. Just finished season 1. For 11 years I've known league, this story gave me a lot of mix feeling. From too excited to too sad because it's end so fast. The feeling I got as vi player, when watching vi using gauntlet, can't be expressed with words anymore.

  6. so i guess we are going to see it in the end of this ranked season or the start of the next one (because the story is ready and they probably started working on it imidiatly after finishing s1)


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