Arcane Is Still Putting Up Review Scores Like Netflix Has Never Seen Before | Paul Tassi | Forbes

Arcane is proving to be one of the most fan-beloved series Netflix has ever produced, and its insane viewer scores are holding week after week.

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Comment (1,589)

  1. The animation of Arcane is the best animation i have ever seen. Nothing comes close; CG or otherwise… Now if only we could get this applied to a Witcher series…frontrunner for the OSCARS by a country mile.

  2. I think the show is absolutely amazing! Too many people in the U.S. believe animation is just for kids, causing them to not tune in even though the show is definitely not for children. At least thats my thought as to why Arcane is struggling in the U.S.

  3. I'd never played the game before but recognized a couple of the characters from ads and such…this was an absolutely incredible series. Stunning animation, very nuanced character development, great story… fantastic show

  4. I find most games downright tedious, and I seldom watch animated programs, and I don't like fight scenes, but this series just sucked me in. I'm still trying to put my finger on it. Was it the stunningly lush and detailed artwork, the surprisingly interesting character development, or the story line that took directions I didn't expect? And then there is the focus on a complex relationship between sisters. Who does that? Netflix has become increasingly boring with predictable, mostly dark, story lines with predictable, unlikable characters doing stupid and predictable things, with lots of violence that has nothing to do with advancing the plot. This series surprised me, and I am seldom surprised anymore. I can't wait for season 2.

  5. Netflix: Marketing! When the second quarter breaks, deploy the teasers! I want to milk this hype monkey dry. Consumer Polls?! Do we have viewer scores?
    Consumer Polls <chuckles with Marketing>: Netflix we have viewer scores the likes of which not even GHAWD has seen!

  6. Not too surprising, stunningly beautiful animation, really great characters and a great plot. I can hardly wait for season 2. I am not a gamer at all, and I am even tempted to check out the game.

  7. Hopefully, this opens up the gateway to more animated shows of games. Now that I think about it – the AC series would be absolutely perfect to animate, if we're never gonna get Japan as a game why not as an animated show.

  8. The Sonic movie, Detective Pikachu, and Arcane illustrate the secret behind video game to film adaptation: only use the video game source material for the setting and easter eggs for the fans, all other effort should be put into telling a good story.

    Arcane is the story of a young woman trying to reunite with her (very damaged) sister and a scientist struggling to navigate the world of politics. It also happens to be based on League of Legends.

    Take notes Hollywood, this will be on the test.

  9. While i dont know much about League of Legends, it looks like the game had to little details and mostly a huge void in story, until Arcane arrived. That seems to be the reason that this formula worked so well with Arcane adaptation. Had the game had a detailed story already, then there would have been lots of audience conflicts accepting the story revamp. So there you go, that tells you a prediction of who can reproduce this success in the future. Its now only a matter of taking a good product with a void in story, and making a great story to fill the void.

  10. Maybe it struggles to reach number 1 in the US, just like most american tourists in Paris "struggle" to choose a Michelin starred restaurant over stuffing themselves at McDo.

  11. The reviews are great because…. wait for it… Arcane is friggin amazing! Its the best show on tv period. Full stop. If you have not seen this show.. stop what you are doing and go binge watch this show right now.

  12. It surely beat Red Notice and Kevin Smith Master of wat ever and definitely Cowboy Bebedepoop but when you go to Netflix Arcane is nowhere to be found on top 10? Wth

  13. Maybe Arcane is succeeding because it isn't based off a video game. It's a compelling story that happens to include characters, settings and other elements from a video game. So maybe the lesson here is – don't be constrained by the limitations of video game lore, which is often paper thin and super-tropey. Focus on the characters and the story, and then try to bake in the video game elements.

  14. I have never played LoL before. Beyond knowing its a ripoff of DOTA (a Warcraft 3 and Starcraft mod), I had no knowledge of it. The critical failure of most other adaptations is they don't adhere close enough to the source material or they forget what makes a great movie or TV show. This show knew how to make something for both fans and for non-fans alike and I haven't seen a show since Chernobyl that was able to get me invested in its characters and interested in the lore of its world so quickly.

    The adherence by the way can go either direction. Something like Cowboy Bebop should've been a pretty straight remake and the new stuff, particularly regarding Julia and Vicious, were what really sunk the show. Something like Castlevania however can take some liberties with its story as long as it brings the core trio together.

    LoL has a mostly threadbare story with a quick bit of flavor text about each character. Something like this on the other hand functions more as an origin story and doesn't really adapt anything. It actually reminds me a bit of the anime adaptation of Gungrave. The anime functioned more like a prequel to the game. The game was mediocre, but the anime was a gem. While Arcane is an excellent show, I would not consider it an adaptation like some would. Truthfully, I don't think a using proxy war to handle diplomacy (which is the core of LoL combat) would work that well as the foundation for a TV show.

  15. It's impossible to adapt games to film or TV!

    "What if you just create a good story and not be embarrassed by the source material? Y'know like…have actual characters, and a fleshed out setting. Maybe stop trying to cram in absolutely EVERYTHING from a game to the detriment of the adaptation?"


  16. in contrast with the current seasonal anime that are dry and often lack of depth in the characters, arcane is such a breathtaking breath of fresh air. Its been a long time that i felt this hooked. I binged all 9 episodes in a day, at the edge of my seat half of the time. It was so good

  17. That's what happens when you pay writers to flesh out interesting characters with a cohesive story and stunning animation. Kind of the opposite of every other piece of garbage being put out today.

  18. One of the reasons its popular (no one will say this at least on YouTube) is because of the political correctness not being the center of attention.. the female characters weren't strong just because they were females.. the male characters weren't evil just because they were men… "diversity, inclusion and equity" (DIE Culture) weren't the purpose nor the result of the show.. It captured real human experiences, actual people can relate to, this reminded me of the early Disney shows

  19. So we have a series with well written characters, villains that are incredibly relatable in their struggles, no obvious heroes but characters that stumble, that do their best and some times fail. And people are surprised that this show is acclaimed as a masterpiece? No one wants strong female characters, what ppl want is well written female characters, with virtues and flaws, that keep trying their best. And the same for every other character.

  20. This series is absolutely amazing. Growing up I had several anime and movies that I would watch over and over again, but over like the last decade almost nothing has come out that made me want to watch something more than once, until this series. I immediately started it over after finishing it.

  21. I can't stop thinking about Arcane, Never thought I would be so addicted animated show and stick to my head so much like Arcane. Not since Star Wars Movies and shows.

  22. I guess it struggles in USA because it's infested with woke culture and Arcane is aiming to be excellent and intelligent, not woke. I kept feeling a bit anxious and giddy to come home from work and continue watching it but every time it hits me with "damn, I've seen all the episodes already". Don't know when S2 will drop but it's gonna be a long wait because this show is off the charts incredible. Cleverly written, intelligent in design and connection, animation is a pure masterpiece and so expressive and artistic. It doesn't waste time on long expositions, it doesn't treat its audience like a bunch of morons to whom everything needs to be explained like they're a small child, clever writing and clever presentation. No political agendas to taint the characters and relationships either. The music is kind of a miss, they're not bad songs but just kinda out of place and the only "unoriginal thing" to the entire show where they master-crafted it all and then pulled a few songs from the middle drawer.
    10/10, recommending it to everyone, going to rewatch it, a few times probably. Wow… what a show.

  23. In the US, I have seen a TON of popularity for this show.
    Though that's among my fellow geeks more.

    You also see a lot of popularity for this on YouTube here in the US.

    ALSO: The EXTREMELY High Score for Rotten Tomatoes is STILL up there!

  24. Best animation ever achieved. A fantastic, believable and very consistent world. Reasonable characters psychologies. What more can one want? 10/10 may be rare but this one deserves it.

  25. im glad RIOT didnt went with their original plan to went with Hollywood for Arcane, Hollywood didnt respect the original material nor the fanbase nor the spirit, Hollywood too busy being woke. RIOT prove they did better on their own

  26. Side note: If anyone thinks that the good a reviews are driven by biased League players, its not. We are extremly vocal if something that Riot created is bad, so u can trust the review score. The show absolutly worth anyones time. Even if u dont like animated series / movies. Watch it. U will not regret it. Truly it is a masterpiece.

  27. Netflix Witcher is a terrible adaptation of the books. Alik Sakharov (director of shows like GOT, and initial director of Witcher until he left) put it like this “You see, in my perception, Eastern-European literature has a completely different pace. It is no coincidence that Andrzej Sapkowski has so many storylines and characters. The producers set the task of setting the adaptation at an action pace and filling it with colorful special effects. That was their vision. My vision was very different and I tried to convey it to them, giving my arguments. Unfortunately, I was not considered convincing enough, so I decided to leave the project.”

  28. Never played league and didn’t know much about the lore however I do follow the tournaments. This show is a real masterpiece. Riot really did well by hiring a non Hollywood studio. I still have no words. The animation, story and that masterpiece of a soundtrack. Wow

  29. People shouldn't credit Netflix. They had nothing to do with the project. They just bought the right to show it on their platform. Riot games, and especially Studio Fortiche deserve all the credit, along with ALL the awards! And just think, this is only the beginning. There's still 100+ champions they could be making story arcs for. And I hope this series continues to have many, many more seasons of awesomeness and success..

  30. I think Arcane, from someone who has never played the game, is that Arcane has shown that making strong stories driven by deep characters, making movies (or series) as a love letter to the art and the story, is a success. Making movies for money only has money success.

  31. This show made me play Wild rift , the game is amazing . Kudos to Riot , hopefully other game companies are paying attention to what happens when you focus on making Quality products
    :: cough, Cough:: blizzard…….

  32. " an animated, Netflix, LOL tv series will be the best thing ever created" is now my favorite laughable, past prediction sentence that actually came true. shook

  33. Video game stories always had either very little material to work with, or more often, too much. Telling simple stories that are character-centric beat shoe-horning an entire franchise of games into 2 hours of run time.

  34. I hadn't heard about this series until WatchMojo listed it as their top streaming show for 2021. Then I watched Arcane and it is staggering in its storytelling, animation, and character development.

  35. Whoa, you mean if Netflix distributes something with a good story it will be successful? Seeing a story unfold the way Arcane did makes such places as Lucasfilm and DC and Marvel look like the bunch of air heads.

  36. I'm so glad they took their time to make an animated series. People have been asking for something like that a lot and they didn't let that go to their heads, thinking they didn't have to work hard to make a good series. Gotta watch it one of these days.


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