Arcane & Imagine Dragons – Enemy (Cover by Jonathan Young, @Tre Watson & @prodbyKala)

Jonathan Young’s cover version of Enemy by Arcane, Imagine Dragons & JID (League of Legends)
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Instrumental & production by: @SixteenInMono
Additional vocals: @Tre Watson & @prodbyKala
Original song by Arcane & Imagine Dragons & JID

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Comment (385)

  1. Oof yeah nope nope nope this does not work at all like it didn't work wirh Addict.
    Nope bad
    Feels Iike same voice same tone same everything just shoved onto a song it doesn't fit. I normally love all of Caleb's songs like you'll be ok but this doesn't even remotely fit the tone of the song
    Just oof big miss here

  2. I want to like this, I really do, as I think you are really talented artists and because a lot of work obviously went into a great arrangement, but… In my opinion you've made it too legato and the song has lots its punch. Enemy has these wonderful dynamics and a "choppy", "ebb-and-flow-y" beat, which is what makes it hit as hard as it does and this cover feels like it just has a constant flow and pulse which robs it of its strengths and diminishes or erases the accents and richness of the original.

  3. Gotta admit, I was expecting Jonathan Young to cover the other LoLArcane song where the singer sings about burning down other people's lives and possessions because the singer doesn't fit their "moulds" but I'm glad he didn't. People seem to like it but, having to listen to it so much because of my roommate, I noticed the song is about murdering others over not having a place among them rather than finding your own place or making yourself a place to fit in.
    It basically sounds like a song for school/work shooters, sociopaths, and generally bad people

  4. Its jaw dropping how much better you guys made this song. Writing more than one bass line an adding a few extra riffs and bass drums here and there goes a massively long way.


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