Apollo 8: Around The Moon and Back

50 years ago, three NASA astronauts embarked on a journey that would take them “Round the moon and back”. The Apollo 8 mission proved the performance of the command and service module. This historic mission launched on December 21, 1968 to demonstrate a lunar trajectory and was the first crewed launch of the Saturn V rocket. On Christmas Eve, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders were the first humans to orbit the Moon and the first to see an Earthrise above its surface.

This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library: https://images.nasa.gov/details-NHQ_2018_1221_Apollo%208%20-%20Around%20The%20Moon%20and%20Back.html

Video Credit:
Producer/Editor: Amy Leniart

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  1. Sad that HUMAN scientists and engineers got man to the moon and yet the astronauts prattle on about some mythological nonsense. Religion does NOTHING but delude the population of the planet and is the primary source of all disorder and strife. It's cute when a 4 year old believes in Santa Claus, it's pathetic when adults believe in something equally non-existent and made up. If the human race is to survive, we need to put aside the delusions from the childhood of mankind and look forward with the only tools that matter – math and science.

  2. На какой студии снимали? Где звёзды, почему ребристые следы от гладких подошв и т.д….
    США – ублюдочная страна

  3. This is absolutely amazing how they spoke about God, its honestly so cool. It would also be magnificent to see the earth God has created for mankind from space, to see what God has blessed me with from another perspective would be honestly breathtaking. God has given us this beautiful earth to live on and to be able to see that like these astronauts did is a dream for me.

  4. The thing that I don’t understand is how people can believe someone saying the earth was created from a ‘big bang’ but say that Christianity and God is stupid and not real when there is literally a whole book made from REAL PEOPLE recording REAL THINGS THAT HAPPENED. I mean how is it possible for something to randomly hit together and create a whole planet perfect for human life? Idk that’s my opinion don’t hate me for it. (If I got facts wrong my bad it’s 2:30am and I’m tired)

  5. Van Allen radiation belts prevents man from landing on the moon, but the psyops and new age religion 'Aliens' must be adopted by the bewildered herd. Otherwise the old world order would loose power and with it their nefarious control over mankind, hitherto.

  6. Great video, brilliant to commemorate this event like this. One tip though: NASA please tune down that "America first" tone a bit. Though appropriate for the era of these events, ending this video with the astronauts also saying this about the future is quite out of place.

  7. A cut piece of fingernail of any of these heroes worth more than all of todays media-, social media celebrities together. Thanks for this short video.
    Live long and prosper

  8. Does anyone else find it very strange that Nasa's founding scientist was none other than Jack Parsons: Rocketry Pioneer, Sex Cultist, The Ultimate Madman, The Occult Rocket Scientist Who Conjured Spirits with L. Ron Hubbard …??? –
    – Funny that science constantly tries to deny Creation yet was founded by someone that worshiped our Creators adversary! — Don't you have to believe in God if you worship Satan? —- Wake up people!

  9. Tell me again how it is we are planning to send man to Mars when we supposedly forgot how we went to the moon and now claim it's just to complicated to try it again????

  10. If you have prejudices, your mind will not understand what we say. So if you do not broaden your horizon and give yourself a chance to know the other. You'll stay. As you are. You did not read my previous comments and certainly did not open the links. As you like. But get rid of your judgments about anything and discover life. And if you don't believe in certain science that is not discussed, how will you prove anything?

  11. Everything is lied, Did you think? There are to many technology of camera, but nasa that have thousands billion money didn't t have any good camera.. Don't trust NASA, Cause, to many secret they don't want people know the truth..

  12. How it's possible..because one man flying in milky way..but machine how to use parashout…because no air in milkyway…how is possible parashout fly in moon and mars

  13. The last act of 'the play' is reserved however for the creator of the stage… Because he is heavily involved in the play… And I thank him for that grace. 

    God with us! 
    Christ is born!

    And by the way:
    The stage deck is flat!


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