Anthony Rizzo after Yankees 5-2 win

Anthony Rizzo describes how he feels after sweeping the Red Sox in the Bronx. Subscribe for daily sports videos!

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  1. Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day praying for everyone everyday God bless you all 🙏.

  2. Good to have rizzo back and What A Night to be a Yankee fan sweeping the Red Sox going on a six-game winning streak watching Oakland lose tonight and now we own the number-one wildcard this team is back the Bronx bombers are back baby

  3. This kid feels Jeter like to me. Kid has pop in the bat and Derek was known for his hits aka singles and this kid can hit some big singles and his defense at shortstop and the one to end the game was freaking spectacular. Regardless of what happens, Andrew Velasquez made himself a legend in this series and accomplished his dream of playing and helping new York win big games! Keep this kid!

  4. congratulations yankees went from 10 games out in July to 1 game up on now in wildcard on redsox/oakland very impressed the pope is of his yanks!! Yankees pitching has been unbelievable top pitching in baseball even better then giants/dodgers? Cant believe I am saying that. Can they get Divison in next 6 weeks? going be crazy end of September!!

  5. Rizzo is better than Voit defensively but 2 years older and a free agent so who knows if he stays or goes. Voit is still under Yankees control and not eligible for free agency yet. Have to let it play out after the season.

  6. When we got Rizzo and Gallo they spoke about hitting only and the fact Rizzo makes contact and Gallo doesnt..Nobody said Gallo is a good outfielder who can throw and run for a big guy..Rizzo is a great fielder and a human garbage collector at first..Just get the ball towards first and he'll pick it…These things matter

  7. Wow,
    When Heaney gets run support he himself looks like an Ace 🎃
    Odor is a really fast baserunner
    That's Rizzo with that liner ball and then the miss by Dalbec = priceless
    Andrew V. nice home run, es good to have another excellent arm there at SS going into the last month of the season. Doesn't surprise me that We now swept the BRsox off their feet; I've believed in Booney from Day one, and the resiliency of our team, doing there jobs day in and day out.


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