Ant colony raids a rival nest | Natural World – Empire of the Desert Ants – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Honey ant scouts come across a smaller ant nest and send in a raiding party. Nothing is left behind but the repletes are the most valuable plunder – some are drained in situ, others are dragged back overground to the victor’s nest.

Natural World visits the Arizona desert, where a new honey ant queen wages an intense battle for survival as she attempts to build and defend her empire. Eliminating rivals with ruthless efficiency, sacrificing thousands in her quest for domination, murder, cannibalism, genocide – she will do anything to keep her crown.

Empire of the Ants is the epic story of one honey ant queen’s dramatic rise to power – and her brutal fall from grace.

Natural World – Empire of the Desert Ants | Episode 2 | BBC Two

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  1. What happens to the eggs, and larvae, and captives from the overtaken colony… What happens when they are brought back to the invaders home turf? Were there any survivors that escaped?

  2. i saw one in our backyard before, huge swarms of ants black and red on the floor and wall fighting, took long before red won, many dead bodies being carried, i sprayed them with insecticide afterwards

  3. Why are people saying it's Jeremy Irons narrating when it's actually Andy Serkis? Am I missing something? Did BBC lie and say it was Serkis when it was really Irons?

  4. My question is how they get all these camera views let me find out they got a spot ant down there with a little bitty teeny antsy weenie body cam

  5. I was sitting In my car and had the door open and I looked at the ground and saw 5 big ants going around and attacking smaller ants and killing them it was cool but crazy


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