Answering interview questions – 02 – English at Work helps.

Anna’s job interview continues. But with all the pressure and stress, she has frozen mid-sentence. This episode helps Anna and you find different ways to answer interview questions.

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  1. that's amazing to have fun and learn at the same time !!thanks BBC for sharing such a powerful and easy lesson at the best possible way. wish you more subscribers and I'll tell MY friends to subscribe to this channel ….see you then…!!!

  2. It's a cute and useful video. I wonder what's going on! And…if I get correct, the man just let the woman drink the tea he left and also put his finger to get the biscuit out…Will she drink it?…lol

  3. Really really amazing way of presentation and explanation…….fantastic and marvelous..
    firstly i like this videos because they are informative and entertaining
    secondly every one can easily understand weather they are native speakers or not
    finally above all these videos are motivating me very much to know and speak English
    thanks and love form #India

  4. interruption: gián đoạn
    motivate: động lực, thúc đẩy
    enthusiastic: hăng hái, nhiệt tình
    get on: leo lên
    sector: lĩnh vực
    pale: tái đi
    float: nổi lềnh bềnh
    lump: miếng
    soggy: sũng nước

  5. Firstly I want to make my English better and better, So I'm watching these lessons. They're like cartoons, but it's kinda lessons. Secondly I've heard that watching cartoons or movies, of course, in English will help you expand your vocabulary and learn some new words, phrases. Above all the reason why you should watch it you may spend your time interesting and learning something new is always good. Perhaps you'll say thank you for authors of this cartoon, 'cause you benefit from it


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