Anne Hathaway on International Women’s Day

United Nations – Remarks by Ms. Anne Hathaway, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, at the UN Observance of International Women’s Day 2017.

2017 Theme: “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”.

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  1. Seriously! Whenever i take an off from office, i never help my wife or children. I rather prefer playing video games with my friends or going to the trip with them. Taking care of kids is only a woman's job and men should enjoy.

  2. salam 2 all's.and I hope all's get better and better. My family a Asylum seekers family. We have been living or living for more than five years. Here environment in Afghanistan's is very insecure.the live life. The whole world and UNHCR know what a Security Risk it is to lives here's. And we've locked ourselves in the Place of residence. I request You and UNHCR UNITED Nation please help for resettlement safe life Protection. Thanks

  3. America, the rich 3rd world country. As a Canadian, I am FLABBERGHASTED that americans defend NOT having universal healthcare. Let alone every other predatorial bad ideas they defend.

  4. ​Even lord buddha, Jesus & all the big kings were born through a mother. God has blessed only women to give a birth. so there grate. Talented, efficient & loving. Happy Women's day. God Bless to all

  5. An-Nisa [email protected] Allah instructs you regarding your children: The male receives the equivalent of the share of two females. Can Muslims remove this practice against Woman from Islam ! Maybe the writer of this book can use Surah Al-baqarah S2:106 We never nullify a verse, nor cause it to be forgotten, unless We bring one better than it, or similar to it. Do you not know that Allah is capable of all things? . Can we woman have a better verse . Maybe UN could help Happy World Woman's Day 2021

  6. many women think its okay to be a prostitute but the God of the bible tells men to avoid prostitutes and marry one woman instead of fornicating with 300 women.

  7. Over the time I got better at it, I could barely walk, It landed differently , they can't afford to , will be passed , underappreciated, undervalue, sole breadwinner, incredible privileged families, redefine, hardships, the assumption that ,

  8. Feminism is not about female privelege. It's equality alongside men. Equal as humans. Its a joint effort by men and women. It's not about overpowering men or making men into women or women into men. It's about respect for the differences while being a team of equals. It's refreshing that she mentioned redefining and destigmatizing men as caretakers.

  9. I say stop experimenting on Africa and India more than that You have to understand to stop with lab experiences and more than that I answer stop you tell me so stop

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  11. Love Jihad & Women's Rights

    Are people who are fighting against Love Jihaad advocating only a certain people should marry only certain people? No.

    Any person is free to marry whoever HE/SHE is willing to marry. It's a free World.

    But the problem here is, A Muslim girl marrying a Hindu boy, or a Muslim boy marrying a Hindu girl – The law system in India is such that Muslims are given an exception to enjoy the personal laws & these personal laws are in so many respects are Anti Hindu, they have not had the kind of reforms took place in so far as that of Hindu laws are concerned.

    This puts all the Non – Muslim women who choose to marry a Muslim – boy at a disadvantage. So Non Muslim girl if chooses to marry whether out of intention/fraudulence, A Muslim boy, she will loose the right to, (i) Property, the way she would had enjoyed if she were not married a Muslim boy, (ii) She will loose right to divorce, (iii) She will loose right to Inheritance, Succession etc. in ways she would enjoy if she has not married a Muslim boy……

  12. thank you Anne love all Women's & all people world.💟💟💟👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👧🤝👍🌷👩‍✈️🌏🤚

  13. This sounds like a grandma problem. Where are the grannies? Are they laisez fair? The family is a unit that includes granny, grandpa, aunts, uncles. If you’ve decided to live away from your family then it’s time for new mothers to move back home to get the help they need for 3-6 months or however long they think they need. That’s what Japanese mothers do. That’s what my Japanese wife did. Come on English world look to your senpai in Japan and you will discover many things are done prior here.

  14. It's really sad to see women jabbering about feminism like this and being the traditional women at home.Not that I'm saying being traditional is sexist,but what I mean is these women aren't really feminists.They just talk about equal rights.And in real life,they are just regular women.Anne Hathaway talked about feminism and this was really awesome to hear and also very inspiring.But if you take a look at the name of her children,both of her children are named after their father.She said men,women,mothers,fathers,at the end of the day,both are parents.Both have contributions in the children's lives.Then,why should the child only bear the father's last name?It should bear both the mother and the father's name.That is equality.Not what she did.

  15. I am outraged, every time I hear about THIS. just next door is Canada which has all those benefits and more. Instead, the glorious US regime wages war a world away, think about IT

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  17. Anne … Why not the gender mankind be cursed for ever when they are only Corana and or Omicran wise . Regimentations are impoverished because of their dictates . Humanity shall accept Sanity as their alternatives of the Gender respective . We do not guess what the Millennia could assure of the Unseen and Unfathomable for the gender Women of the States and Nations in the Ages forward . In appreciation , a Happy New Year 2022 and thereafter.

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  36. Before we tackle first-world problems, let us solve third-world problems. For example, there is a hospital ship called African Mercer. I have seen two "documentaries". One was a Discovery documentary, which, I believe, has a filter. The danish did not. Women in Africa can be ostracized because they have children. Because the damages they received during the delivery could not be corrected.

  37. Ao final, o placar macabro de bombas nucleares detonadas: duas pelo Paquistão, quatro pela Índia, 45 pela China, 45 pelo Reino Unido, 210 pela França, 715 pela União Soviética e 1032 pelos Estados Unidos. Isso totaliza 2053 bombas detonadas no nosso planeta sem contar com a explosão da tsar foi cerca de 1500 vezes mais forte do que as bombas de Hiroshima e Nagasaki juntas coitado do planeta

    "AS SUCH"

  39. American talk about women employment but no women president since geroge Washington
    It seems there is not a single american women who is capable for the president position


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