We are in the year 2020. Every day and all over the world, billions of people become victims of the digital, medial, narcissistic, hedonistic, careerist and consumption-oriented overstimulation and suggestion by the establishment. Suddenly, hundreds of millions of citizens of the First World enigmatically fall sick with epidemic anhedonia, i.e. the inability to feel joy, lust and satisfaction. Two exemplary victims of these circumstances are the unlike but nevertheless inseparable aristocratic sonnies Franz (Robert Stadlober) and Fritz Freudenthal (Wieland Schönfelder). Totally bereft of meaning and tormented by their miserable existence free of lust and joy, they vegetate until they come across the new and unique Lust Stimuli therapy of Prof. Dr. Immanuel Young (Dirk von Lowtzow), a world-famous and very hip psychotherapist, and consider it the answer of all their problems.

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