Android 12 review: Living in a Material (You) world

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Comment (31)

  1. if only every oem used this stock skin I already know there's going be 10 different version with every oem cherry picking 1 or 2 features and leaving the good stuff out(example : Samsung)

  2. For everyone who's asking (still) in 2021: your phone will get it whenever your OEM decides. This could be 6 or 12 months, or never, depending on the age of your device. The way to get Android uodates day 1 is to buy Pixel phones, since Android and Pixels are by Google.

  3. Android 12 on my Pixel 5 is a step back…. it's buggy (it swipes 'past' your notifications first time unlock and swipe down, so you need to swipe back up again!) and a case of look over function. A double or triple swipe down for getting to all your quick settings.. and another menu to get into your smart home stuff. Generally though.. I'm not a pensioner, so I don't need everything to be MASSIVE to be able to read everything. Lots of wasted space.
    Then areas like the battery menu are basically empty now, I don't know why Google is hellbent on removing settings and information everywhere, there is now virtually zero data to review what is eating battery. My iOS work phone is full of data on what you are using your phone for and how your battery is used, it's far more extensive.

  4. I'd rather have oneUI's ""dated"" look (which is a really odd way to say consistent and matured, btw) than Googles weird, incredibly wasteful of space, Fisher Price looking UI. Also Samsung has material you color adaption so idk what you're talking about with the widget thing.

  5. I've updated to Android 12 on my Pixel 5 when the release version has been deployed (hasn't been on betas before it), and the longer i use it, the more i hate it. The entire update is mostly about visual changes (at least when you look from a user point of view) and I can't name a single one of those I'd actually like. Every time i see the overscroll animation, its like "eww🤢" for 100 milliseconds, and there is no way to disable it without disabling all animations. The quick toggles redesign is a disaster. The stock launcher looks like a 5 years old has designed it (gladly, 3rd party launchers are still a thing). Color adaptivity stripped away customization options. I can probably rant about it for hours, and sadly, there is no way back at this point (well, you can, but forget about security updates if you do) 🙁

  6. One UI from Samsung is more practical and better laid out than stock Android 12, they did well to disregard what G had to say about UI. I am all for new widgets, animation and customization but I am already using Good Lock on my Samsung (it's brand exclusive) beyond the usual themes: they both together can completely change the looks of the interface.

    Still no color on the top info bar… that could have made a difference at a glance. (e.g. battery turning yellow and red to indicate depletion).

  7. Google messed up several important things:
    1. Bigger toggles. Now you have 4 instead of 6.
    2. WiFi on/off is more clocks away
    3. Sound profile disappeared from status bar
    4. Battery stats is way more unclear.
    5. Less customization for app icons


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