Ancient Organics Discovered on Mars

The Curiosity rover has discovered ancient organic molecules on Mars, embedded within sedimentary rocks that are billions of years old. News Release:

Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Dan Gallagher

Graphics from the NASA-TV broadcast of this discovery are available at:

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  1. If Mars becomes like the Earth, will not that change what can lead to a catastrophe? The planet can not attract the other?

    I do not understand this, so I asked a stupid question 🙂
    Superb video

  2. Has anyone commenting actually watched the video? You all seem so excited about the click-baity title that you are overreacting… NO LIFE OR EVIDENCE OF LIFE HAS BEEN FOUND YET. It's just another video of could haves and maybes like any other… Stahp…

  3. Easy to get lost in all their suppositions and assumptions but basically they found something that is also found in biological organic material on Earth and want you to get excited about it. It is neither organic or special just because it is associated with carbon that is also found in diamond and other rock. NASA hasn't proven anything except that they really haven't found anything special yet.

  4. No, this changes nothing … with respect to the search for life.

    The media is ignorant. And when they are grabbed by the lapels & the real definition of "organic" is shouted at them, they simply don't give a tinker's damn that they're misleading the public with their sensationalized BS.

    And the NASA scientists aren't helping, with their carefully chosen, misleading statements.

    In this context, "organic" means, precisely, "contains carbon".
    They've found some "carbon compounds".
    It's no big deal.

    Carbon is the 4th MOST abundant element in the universe.
    It is the 4th most abundant element in our solar system.
    It is the 4th most abundant element in the earth.
    It is the 15th most abundant element in the earth's crust, the crust having lost a bunch of it in volatile hydrocarbons.

    There is absolutely nothing surprising about there being carbon compounds (aka, "organics" or "organic compounds") on any of the planets.

  5. Get ready globe people. The next lie is aliens. The ones that created us. Oh wait never mind we came from monkeys. Oh wait no we didn’t, we came from fish, i mean single celled organisms. I love science so much i became retarded from it. Dont challenge me on it or your a flat tard. I am a genius cause i dont think outside the box and i must be right cause the masses are on my side. Your a conspiracy theorist if you dont believe everything your told. Why would they lie.

  6. It behooves me to consider the complexities of the tasks that lie before NASA as a government agency to be non-presumptuous and meticulous in matters of scientific revelations. Yet, the disconnect for me with it all, is the rudimentary praxis used on one hand while exhibiting light year technology on the other hand. It’s conflicting to be able to peer into the vastness of the universe, etc.; and yet be confined to witnessing a robotic piece of equipment roaming around a planet for six years, only to uncover an inkling of that planet’s makeup. I want to infer more – but it just doesn’t add up. Similar to taking a tour of NASA and the buildings and viewing sections appear to be stuck in an era gone by; but believing that somewhere the truth of it all is less than reflective of a 1960’s agency facade versus realities that are so mind boggling – the general public may never get to experience or know about it all.

  7. Another word for ancient organic molecules: crude oil. Based solely upon the data presented, suphur is also found in high concentration in crude oils. Not surprised this was found in an ancient lake bed, as algae is one of the theorized early life forms to develop from base RNA.

  8. Organic molecules can also come from non living sources , ( 29-32 seconds from start of film ) are you saying that dead organic sources can yield organic molecules? Or are you trying to imply that non organic, ( ie; inorganic ) sources can yield organic molecules ? If the latter expression is what was intended by this duplicitous statement, then please name one.

  9. The holy bible(quran)as i think/said about the doom day no left one in the earth and the monsters/so maybe to know if there was a life or not we have to find ruins

  10. Understanding that EVERYTHING Anyone from NASA says is either a lie,or in support of a lie is the first step to understanding any "annoucement" by the above mentioned agency…I dont even get mad anymore I just laugh…especially at these clowns that are all gung ho NASA…like they're the biggest sheeple ever;)Also In wondering why are most of the replies to all the comments erased??Whats going on NASA??Trying to censor people Really shows your transparency;)

  11. We have never been to Mars. the rover is on Devon island. Nasa admits that not only people but probes are destroyed by the Van Allen radiation belt and we have no shielding that can negate this.

  12. Then You Kind Will See The Sun Rises From The West, And Then The Moons Turn Into Pieces, And The Mountains Move Like Snake Moving, Then You Kind Will Say It's Nature, Nothing Worry, But Then You Will See Your Own Creators, Or Our Creators If I must Say, Then It Is Too Late For You To Realize What You Have Denied With The Thing You Call Science


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