Anatomical Surgical Hand Scrub

Surgical site infections (SSIs) remain a prevalent threat to patient safety. Proper surgical hand scrub or rub techniques are essential to decreasing the incidence of SSIs. This video provides instructions on the anatomical surgical hand scrub procedure using the brushstroke method. Learn more from the Department of Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control (HEIC) at The Johns Hopkins Hospital:

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  1. If it weren't for Johns Hopkins, the Spanish Flu would have been even more deadly. They turned the medical world around by reforming American medicine. Be proud to be at Hopkins!!

  2. All this when in the end you end up wearing the surgical gloves! Why though?

    I thought I was doing a good job washing my hands for 20 seconds. Damn. How am I even alive till now?

  3. When you were trying to watch surgical videos but ended up watching blood-free contents including washing hands and a surgery on a grape because your so weak

  4. اي مش عارف أيش بدي أحكي 😕🤨😐😑🙄🤔🙂🙏 يا عرب وينكم 🤔؟؟ شكلي ألوحيده 😢 😱😥😭

  5. hard to walk backwards..haha…..turn around and walk normal until you get to door, then back in. no one working on a floor divides arm into 3 sections? who has that time…

  6. can u imagine a patient is flatlining on the table and your like WAIT I GOTTA WASH MY HANDS FOR 3-5 MINUTES ( ik it’s for safety but still that would be kinda funny)

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  8. I kind of hoped that maybe they also had some sort of antibacterial moisturiser for afterwards? Their hands must get so chapped and sore. I know that during lockdown, all of that additional hand washing irritated the skin on my hands and at my wrist.


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