Amsterdam to Sydney in an electric car – BBC News

Wiebe Wakker has arrived in Sydney, after driving there in an electric car from Amsterdam over the course of almost three years.
Mr Wakker says he travelled 60,000 miles (95,000 km) across 33 countries “without money”, relying on offers from volunteers for meals, accommodation and charging points.
He says he aimed to demonstrate the capacity and reliability of electric cars, in order to promote them as a way of tackling climate change.

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  1. They only concern is the battery production and environmental impact of batteries… I adore electric cars but we néed to take into account also the child labour in the cobalt factories and also the battery recycling process… Thanks great news

  2. Few questions. 1 how many charges did it take. 2 how long did each charge take. 3 how far on each charge. 4 how many kilowatt hours of power did the total trip take. 5 compare the emissions from average car to the amount it would take to gernerate that amount of electricity.

  3. Great job but you don't go green with electric cars I feel like we're being scammed by elites because reactors who produce energy are actually the one to blame for global warming!

  4. Israel bombing Aleppo. FUCK YOU BBC WHY NOT REPORTING FROM GENOCIDE MACHINE ISRAEL THAT YOU HAVE CREATED AND SUPPORT???? Fuck you low life criminals. Everyday in Afghanistan around 100’s of best and brave men women and children systematically get genocide and not reporting it. From genocide in Palestine you do not report. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. I will burn you down!!!!You will pay for your crimes against humanity.

  5. What difference does it make it was electric? .. Could equally be called – Free-loaded drives a diesel bus from Amsterdam to Sidney.Tell me when you can drive from London to Monaco (900 miles) in 1 day – and I'm interested.

  6. How was the electricity used to charge this electricity powered car.. GENERATED???? If it was oil, coal or gas burning power stations, or even a little portable petrol fuelled generator in the boot then what has Wiebe achieved, REALLY????? 

    Also climate change has very little to do with fossil fuel usage so I'm not even bothered if this guy's stunt was responsible for millions of additional tons of CO2 going into the atmosphere. Repeat that journey using fossil fuel sourced electricity all you like Wiebe, it won't make any difference to the climate.

  7. Wish someone would invent a car, that could be driven for a maximum of 50 miles a day, if left parked for a few hours in the sun, or a foldable roof top windmill fan that would charge the car, etc. If this was possible, most cars in my country India, would not need any fuel.


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