America’s Sweethearts

After they’ve broken up, a married movie star couple (Cusack, Zeta-Jones) still have to go out and promote the movie they made together while they were in love, even though they now detest each other. To keep the junket from falling apart when the print of their film doesn’t show up, the film’s publicist (Crystal) tries to divert attention by concocting the story of the couple’s reunion, that everything’s still hunky-dory between them… when in fact, the actor is actually in love with his wife’s formerly fat sister (Roberts), and the actress has found a new beau named Hector (Azaria). © 2001 Revolution Studios Distribution Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. It's ok. I guess I'll watch the Russian free movies/series/ soaps!
    Especially with my favorite Russian actress….
    – I wish I could post a picture of Marina!
    Теперь я люблю русские фильмы!

  2. Wellness Guide : We have a saying.
    Eddie : What is it?
    Well Guide : " Mecka lecka halava beem sala been."
    Eddie : What's it mean?
    Wellness Guide : I don't know. It's very old.
    Insane!!! 😂

  3. Lee: She has the cottage.
    Eddie : Why?
    Lee: Because she has an entourage.
    Eddie: What about me?
    Lee: You got a entourage?
    Eddie: I'm a paranoid schizophrenic. I'm my own entourage.
    Stupid!!! 🤣

  4. Guy goes up to his Rabbi and says " Rabbi, I think my wife is trying to posion me."
    Rabbi: Don't worry about it, I'll talk to her.
    Rabbi: Listen, I just talked to your wife for 3 hours.
    Guy: And?
    Rabbi: Take the posion !!!!
    Funny shit.😁


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