American Justice: Teenager Takes His Own Life After Suspicious Online Romance | A&E

The mother of “death by text” victim tells her son’s heartbreaking story from the case that captured the world’s fascination, in this clip from Season 15, Episode 5.

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Comment (811)

  1. This is so heartbreaking. He was a good person. You can tell his family is good. Good people are targets for evil people. Evil seeks to destroy everything good that's left in this world.

  2. Only a psychopath could do what that woman did to such a beautiful, intelligent young man. There is no normal person that would even think about doing what she did, much less actually doing it, encouraging someone to take their life!!

  3. Our society is literally CRAWLING with murderers and child predators, perverts who prey on the vulnerable and we JUST LET THEM OUT OF PRISON while locking up people who sold weed. And we wonder what’s happening to our youth and the family structure. WTH??

  4. The problem with depression & anxiety is that you get so far underwater that you can’t reach out to your beloved sweet mom. And it isn’t her (mom’s) fault — if you haven’t been that low, you wouldn’t really know that he could not get out of it.

    The Michele Carter part of it???I’m so conflicted. She may have been as emotionally challenged as Conrad, and thus, she should be given the chance to make amends & be given mental treatment to fix her issues. However, if she is just evil, and evil drove her, and so she pushed Conrad to suicide rather than to what a normal friend would do in that situation … gosh if only a real & stable human being was in her position at that moment … he would not have succeeded.

    God Bless the Roys. 😔

  5. HEADS UP. In this nation, we have a political party,mindset,,,, One Specific Political Party,,,, REPUBLICANS, TRUMPERS that contend Mental Illness isn't real,,,or is a result of a Weak individual,,,or bad parenting, etc. (According to this Demographic, political mindset? "MEH -DARWINISM!" 😉 And the Blame the "Woman". Weak male,lol.)

  6. As a father of three kids this is hard to hear. Not saying I'm not saying I'm not glad I watched it. I do my best to say and my children's life and God willing I will never have to go through with this poor woman had to go through with her son

  7. I'm so confused. Was his GF an actual real life in person GF, or just some girl who he was chatting with online. Idk it just seems like this story is being sensationalized by kinda making it sound like she was a real life in person GF and she was texting him while they are apart and telling him to kill himself.

  8. so sad my heart go out to his family i hope his family fines pace in there life very very sad R.I.P young man god will take care of you now

  9. Clearly by letting someone free after just 11 mths that manipulated & encouraged another human being to end their life the court showed such a heinous crime just isn't their priority. But what SHOULD be the court's concern & every member of society too is the fact that such a deranged & evil intending person has been set free back into society. With free reign to do it again to another person.

    Not sure which is more twisted, that girl or the court that actually let her free early on an already EXTREMELY lenient sentence. Pure madness X2!

  10. I don't care what the technicalities are… she should've had to suffer in prison for more than 11 months. My God atleast 3 yrs & TBH she's a danger to society, a sociopath, capable of the most evil of thinking. At the point she yells at him to get back in the truck!!! To bad, he didn't just laugh at her & say "you'll never get that lucky" and lived a great life afterwards.

  11. I hate that her name is Michelle Carter, that's my sister's name… and such a polar opposite. I hope new laws are made over this case! That girl deserved ALOT MORE time than she got.

  12. I understand that rush. How do you explain that to anyone? There is no way. My son took his own life a handful of months ago and I too had that rush but it was immediately followed up with a HORRIFIC migraine and I believe that had to do with the method that he used…, I KNOW that's what it was. Having to kick down his bedroom door and finding him was the worst day of my life. I still have a difficult time going to that side of the of house and his bedroom has been empty ever since. It's made worse over the fact that my father, his grandfather, did the EXACT same thing almost 30yrs to the date, same method. I don't know how to continue and I'm not sure if I can. I miss him soooo much it makes me physically sick.

  13. 💖🙏 "Now fear is going to be a player in your life, but you get to decide how much. You can spend your life imagining ghosts. And the decisions we make in this moment, are based in either love or fear. Choose love, and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart.” 💖🙏 ―Jim Carrey

    💖🙏 "So many people choose a path out of fear disguised as practicality; (for) that which seems so ridiculous and out of reach; so we never dare to ASK the universe for it. I realized the purpose of my life has always been to free people from concern. The only person I didn't free was myself. I wondered who I'd be without my fame.. To find real peace, you have to LET the ARMOR GO. Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don't let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory. Your job is not to figure out HOW it's going to happen for you, but to OPEN the door in your head. And when the door opens in real life, just WALK through it. And don't worry if you MISS your queau, because doors keep opening up.. You will find your STYLE." -Jim Carrey

  14. So sad.

    My mother would’ve taken care of someone blackmailing my brother and/ or I. My mother, maternal grandfather, and maternal great uncle built me up. They make sense we had an open communication with them.

  15. This is beyond sad. A young man with a vision of his future. Then a young evil girl that he cared for deeply took his devotion to her knowing his mental health issues turned on him should do life , no parole. To me this is no different than her holding a gun to his head.

  16. Darwin killed him. Why did they blame the girl? If you're so goofy that you're still listening to somebody who tells you to kill yourself 28.7 seconds after they say it, you were never going to be of any value to society anyway.

  17. He had serious issues to begin with, but these average guy's that just go nuts over a girl who's not worth it, then off themselves, that's sad. Father's don't teach their kids about women, because most of them haven't figured out women.

  18. I feel horrible fpr the family but research the WHOLE story not just a 9- 10 minute video.. How he was abused by his family member. Yes this is tragic but the girl in question was mentally ill and tried to talk him outta of this for months..

  19. A 15 month sentence for encouraging a very vulnerable individual to kill himself? She was then served 11 months on,”Good Behavior?” Her behavior was far from good when she inspired this poor young man to take his life. This is why I don’t trust our judicial system.

  20. God is always with you , whether you believe in Him or not. Like someone said below (and I have said the same before), you have some person or being (animals) who is relying on you to be here, whether that is right now or in the future, they need you. You could just have made someone feel better themselves by your kindness and consideration – a smile even. You could visit animals that are alone in a shelter who would love to love you back. Just because you can't see the importance of your being here doesn't mean you don't make a difference. Just moving a rock out of a path can stop a whole chain of bad events for some other being (maybe me!) AND for everyone depending on THEM as well (their people and/or their pets!). This can have ripple effects over quite a number of people and beings that you may not be aware of.

    Forgive yourself for bad moments or bad days or wrong choices and move on. Life is hard, unfair, and difficult and cold for lots of beings. Be better than that as many times as you can to others. Between you and God.

    Did any of you ever watch the movie It's A Wonderful Life? You don't have to do anything monumental to matter to the world. Also, you don't have to like the song below, but for the love of humanity read the words! Be the kindest you can be as many times as you can muster, know that a good heart is worth more than gold. And stay here to see what happens next and to do the next world-changing rock-moving and smiling! We need you here!

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  22. I saw an interview with Shaquille O'Neill where he jokingly said, my daughters aren't allowed to date until they're 20+ some (I forgot the exact date), Ellen asked him why, he said because I want them to learn to be happy and whole on their own first so that they don't depend on anyone else for their happiness. Be whole on your own before you allow anyone else in, even if it's a non romantic toxic friend.

  23. If anyone ever reads the actual texts (the whole text thread was released online) it’s truly horrifying. Michele Carter deserved so much worse than she got, and Conrad deserved so much better.

  24. This video is ridiculously spare on specifics, leading to unknowledgeable commenters speculating wildly without possession of the facts. But hey, it's fun to pile on, right?

  25. Her son had too many issues, he didn't want help .
    The help was offered from his mom , family 👪 and friends . We all have good days, bad day . You can't make a person do anything, especially if
    They are an adult. Remember he try taken his life once before. I think 🤔 the mom 👩 did everything right by having this discussion with her son.
    I thank her for sharing ❤️, remember she didn't have to.

  26. How could someone do that to a lovely young man. She is a scum sucking pond life. Evil 😈! So very sad for your family it’s soo very sad that he was manipulated by someone he thought cared.

  27. This freaking heartbreaking Hope and pray God understands his suffering and brings him to Heaven we're he belongs 😭🙏And that girlfriend should be locked away from talking a person into killing them self .She should of told him how much he matters to her

  28. RIP Conrad 💙
    If he had never met Michelle he may still be here.
    If you know someone who is feeling like Conrad did and they open up to you, get them help. I don't understand how she could have told him to get back in the car. That's pure evil.


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