Amazing Dynamo Card Trick!

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  1. the trick is good but kinda poor, if you pay attention you can see he didnt have all four aces, practice the elmsey count mate 😉

  2. to people who dont do magic this trick is phenomenal but for people who watch magic videos (which is quite a small minority compared to the world population) you can sort of see the elmsey count

  3. At first I U did a false cut then u put down the three cards then u spread through the deck and piled up 8 instead of 4 so u did an elmsly count to only show the aces. Then when u put down the ace on the deck u put down all three aces down then u had the jacks and stuff like that

  4. when you take your three card selection. you show us that you really take  SIX cards.  This ruins what should be a good trick.  YOUR USUALLY MUCH BETTER THAN THIS.  (still one of my favorite channels )

  5. Nice vids and I've enjoyed watching, but please oh please learn how to normalize your intro and outro volume levels to your voice levels. The intro is blaring, then normal voice during your vids, then get blasted again on the outro

  6. You took more than 3cards. When you put down a card on the deck, I can see that it's more than a card.  And why is the 3 cards spectator's choice? You just put it. It doesn't make sense at all. Have you tried this trick in front of people? What do they say? Spectator's card has to show the last. But why one more card after spectator's card?

  7. Nice trick, I like it. But the sad things is you will see the same card repeated when try to flip another 3 card. And it's even try to hide the last card when showing 4 cards together……… maybe we can think a better idea on that.

  8. Well we all saw you take like 6 cards off the top in the beginning and you did a false cut before it even started which means it was all set up previously…soooo yeaaaa


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