Amal Clooney: Women of the Year

“Amal Clooney doesn’t like talking about herself. Sit with the 44-year-old lawyer, and she’ll take you on a tour of some of the worst places in the world, where despots reign and standing up for your rights can get you killed. Yet, inevitably, she finds women in these places who want to challenge power, and she supercharges them with her own power: the law.

I know that because I’m one of them. Just for doing my job as a journalist, the authorities in the Philippines filed 10 arrest warrants against me in less than two years. Amal has helped defend me since 2019, and I’m a rarity for her because she can actually talk to me. In the past, her journalist clients were in prison, and she worked to free them by combining law with an incisive understanding of politics, pragmatism, and public advocacy.

What I’ve learned as one of her clients is that her empathy is as strong as her knowledge of the law and her courage. She’s also a hard worker, poring over thousands of pages of documents, highlighting, and taking meticulous notes. As she has often told me, you can’t do strategy if you don’t have the details. She knows my cases inside out, and many more too. When we spoke, she reeled off countless ones from memory: in Malawi, Darfur, Egypt, Myanmar, Azerbaijan, Tanzania, and more. She makes sure that women who are victims of mass atrocities, including genocide and sexual violence, are not forgotten, that they get justice, that their lives and communities are better as a result.

It’s sometimes hard to see all of Amal because of the glamour and celebrity that can overshadow her work. She embraces that and shines light on some of the darkest parts of the world to help her clients. She also quickly reminds you that she’s not just the wife of George but also the mother of adorable twins, Alexander and Ella. That has changed her. She told me, “With everything going on today, I want to have a good answer when they ask me what I was doing.” I’m glad she’s in my corner.” – Maria Ressa

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Comment (92)

  1. Touching Soul

    🙏 🕊💞 🕊🙏

    One snap stand
    an image of bravery

    the inside invisible feeling
    of wonderful moments

    Looking at her
    the freshness of her beauty

    of her power

    So fresh

    So deep

    Lighting everyone
    with her

    Enlightening Soul

    🙇‍♀ Bravo 🙇‍♀

    💖Amal 🕊 Clooney💖

    Stay Safe ⚖ Stay Healthy

    Aronne…✍ 🏎 🚲📚

  2. Zelenskyy Is the Time Man of the Year 🇺🇦🇪🇺 Time publish "Man of the Year" this month Do it Now in March not December ! Ukraine needs every once of help

  3. She was just a junior lawyer who never even led or won a case before she was hired to play the role of his wife. Her primary job is to make him appear to be a ladies' man.

  4. Someone needs to ask Amal what happened between her "husband" and that sixteen year old Italian boy and if she is aiding and abetting him in covering it up. I heard the boy is paralyzed now.

  5. Time watchers if you die today will you go to heaven? Have you ever lied, stolen, hated, used God's name as a curse word (O-M-G)? According to God's law, you're guilty, your headed for hell, ignorance will not be an excuse… But wait, God loves you, he made a way out for you, God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life. John 3:16 Please think about your eternal life, believe and repent, even after rapture you can be saved. Love Y'all

  6. Never understood why is this woman so hyped..There are so many women fighting for human rights in this world, but they don't get attentiin because they are not married to George Clooney 🙄🙄

  7. Nothing is said out of malice. Facts have no feelings. In fact, Amal is not a lawyer as she does not hold a Juris Doctor degree. She has BA from Oxford (jurisprudence) and LLM from NYC University. In sum, those degrees do not confer a title of a lawyer. She is a jurisprudence analyst but not a lawyer (even though, does not have much scholarly contributions, just one book and a booklet). She wants to be known as a "barrister" to confuse the world as if it is synonymous with a lawyer, which is not. I got frustrated after she boldly lied to the world as if the surrogate tweens are her biological children. Kids are precious (regardless of who is their bio parent) but lying deliberately shows her lack of integrity. She faked her pregnancy (with corsages), did not show up at the latest stages of "proposed pregnancy" and faked a "delivery" in Britain where a patient's privacy is 100% guaranteed. After, George Clooney was lying in the interviews that "Amal is even breastfeeding those kids." Disgusting.

  8. Amal for all your fame, fortune and training, if you are truly professional and brave and just, first start and finish prosecuting Blair and Bush for their war crimes in Iraq and the countless times that US sold arms to other nations to invade and mess up their country: here's a basic for International law: the Nicaragua Case. Amal what a dissapointment you are 🤣😅😠🤕🤢

  9. The structure, verb? 'to stand up for'. I stand up for ——-. Implications, I am down. What I stand up for is down. Down. Low. Below. Bottom. Up. To rise. To be down and to be KNOCKED DOWN. To be not standing. To be as low as possible to be at full possible height. For myself. For another. For rights. What is my right? What have I earnt? What do I deserve? Why am I aware that I am down? Is that relative? Is it down relative to what I EXPECT? Are you down to what YOU expect? When I stand up for YOU, do I identify both of us as down relative to what we SHOULD EXPECT, what we deserve, what we have earnt? Am I aware of a steady state or only of a change in state? A challenged state. Why do I care about standing up for you? Do I identify with you? What do I stand to gain? Standing up.

  10. I think she just trying to be another angelina jolie or take her place somehow bringing competition in between. And new angelina hater Brad Pitt probably has a bit push or encouraging in that too.We know how close he and George Clooney are and George Cloney is also a compettive person who was claimed to be wishing to be in politics one day. As crowds applauds angelina jolie for what she does and chant as " presdent angelina" around her it must have been so disturbing for these two untouchable hollywood moguls. It' nearly like they are all together out and about to bring her down and they work quiete hard nearly like a team. But they are forgetting someting. Angelina Jolie didn't do what she did to get famous, to compete with another woman. She is what she is that's it. Every now and then either a self professed or a media push over come around to be her. We saw Amber Heard, we saw even Madonna trying. Now all of asudden Amal Cloney on every red carpet talking about human rights. And who is the host behing always? It'sour dear Jennifer Anitson Brad Pitt fun Ellene De Generes. They are trying really hard. And when a group of bully come together for very personal reasons of envy and jelousy and try to make it look like it's for humanity or bring the question of who is the biggest humanitarian here it just goes a bit ugly and distasteful.

  11. i lost my respect to this woman for defending Maria Ressa, a journalist here in the Philippines…. Mrs. Clooney should know better Maria Ressa….. disgusting lawyer defending a tax evading journalist whose media entity is now closed – funded by a foreigner to destroy our country…. "BALL SHEET"

  12. Amal, dont entervene our countries democracy because of the stupid maria ressa. Before you do it study first our laws. Dont talk and talk your non sense stupid woman. Maria ressa was convicted in cyber libel because of a private citizen who file her a case because of malicious and fake news. I dont care you who are amal.

  13. Sarap sampalin eh. Nakiki.alam sa issue ng Pilipinas ni hindi man lang inaalam nangyayari dito. Ahhh
    USA ka pala galing ano? Syempre spoon feed ka ng usa at ni maria ressa na kahit pakainin ka ng tae tatanggapin mo. Ulol. Nakakahiya ka! Hindi namin kailangan na ibuka mo bibig mo. Bantayan mo bakuran mo hindi yung amin!

  14. I lost respect on this woman when she meddled on Maria Resa’s case in the Philippines without knowing the facts. Very disappointing. Resa is a convicted cyber libel criminal and is hiding behind the name of press freedom. Filipinos would be happy for Resa to leave the Philippines.

  15. Hi. I was a little guy just trying to finish my homework, but there was a VHS of “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”, and I felt obligated to watch it. Don’t worry it didn’t affect my grades. I liked the theme song, I thought it was interesting. All my friends here in Lebanon where very very learned in movies. You would ask “have you watched this?” And their answer would be “yes, I watched it five times”. One of my best buddies in elementary school, his dad had a video rental shop. Everything you can imagine “Raw Deal” starring Arnold with the pumped biceps, “Cobra” starring Sylvester Stallone with those interesting sunglasses. I remember Courtney Cox since I was a baby. I was shocked when I found that she didn’t age a single day for her role on “Friends”. My best buddy gave me a tip, he told me “Misfits of Science” is an interesting movie. “Rocky Horror Picture Show” which I haven’t watched but at least I read the synopsis. “Good Night, and Good Luck” was interesting but I need someone like my bro to explain things because I can never keep up with the dialogue. I actually recall being left on the balcony in our rustic apartment in Hamra, as a baby, and watching “The Deer Hunter” over and over again and all I remember is the panicky poker scene, Russian roulette. Ok maybe my English wasn’t so sharp then. I remember watching “Rambo” and “Rocky” the entire trilogy, many times when I visited my dad. He also had a copy of “Midnight Run”, a movie that I really enjoyed watching as a little kid. My dad did not speak good English but between him and his friends, they knew which where the popular movies. You want to say hello to my little friend? Just give me a sarcastic or rude reply or try to erase my comments like you rude Lebanese and North Americans without a sense of humour. Let’s see how well you do.

  16. Don't ask for trouble Missus Amal. Can it get you killed? Standing up for your rights? Don't ask for trouble and I did not watch the entire video. Missus Amal don't bring your cohorts of money-laundering psychos and you try to prove something with your filthy husband George. I am a Palestinian and I am very proud. Actually I am the proudest. Go shove your head up the queen's arse.


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