Amal Clooney on Sexual Violence in Conflict – Security Council Statement

Statement by Amal Clooney, International human rights lawyer, on Sexual Violence in Conflict during the 8514th Meeting of the Security Council.

Barrister Amal Clooney reminded Council Members that the crimes committed by ISIS against women and girls “are unlike anything we have witnessed in modem times.” She added, “ISIS controlled territory the size of the United Kingdom and ruled over eight million people. More than 40,000 foreign fighters from 110 countries are estimated to have joined ISIS’s ranks in Iraq and Syria. But the question of bringing them to justice has barely raised a whisper.”

Clooney gave the Council four options to dealing with crimes committed by ISIL, including a referral to the International Criminal Court, setting up a court through a treaty by like-minded states who believe in justice, setting up a court through the European Union, or a hybrid court set up between the UN and Iraq such as those done in the cases of Sierra Leone and Cambodia.

Clooney told the Security Council, “Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen: This is your Nuremberg moment. Your chance to stand on the right side of history. You owe it to Nadia, and to the thousands of women and girls who must watch ISIS members shave off their beards and go back to their normal lives, while they, the victims, never can.”

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  1. to gay? simplyfy honey declaimed favor for violence against under knees life. show the problem to gave honestly promise. I can love to you to give favor whats? justice is for threaten baby dolls.

  2. Support for Amal and everything listed in the video. I just wish she said it not read it! I think it would be more from the heart and what she is behind and fighting for. Reading like this is kind of a soulless to me. Sorry

  3. Mrs clooney plase teach who developed the isis and then aşk the mrs clinton and ex president Barrack Obama all questions ❔❔❔USA iş the . Biggest terorist country in that world after ısrail 😈😈😈

  4. "… How did she land George Clooney?!?!"

    Uhhhh….. That's your question? He seems cool, but how about: How did George land tri-lingual, top human rights barrister who has worked along with Nobel laureates, Kofi Annan, practiced at the Hauge, is also a drop dead gorgeous Anne Hathaway lookalike and seemingly must juggle kittens in secret because she's got to have a flaw?

  5. I love the fact that she is so articulate, and professional. She needs to be protected, for I, and possibly others, need her legal assistance…today.
    What has been allowed to transpire has been CLINICALLY insane, and criminal ! Last, I am glad that Nadia, and others are FINALLY receiving the justice they so deserve ! What has been allowed to transpire is an atrocity against not only women, but entire families that suffered through decades of abuse and genocide.

  6. Trovo che una donna, soprattutto nella professione, dovrebbe usare il proprio cognome. Usare il cognome del marito è un po' superato dai tempi. Inoltre lei, avendo un marito famoso, porge il fianco a pettegolezzi che ne oscurano professionalità e competenza.

  7. My life would destriyed, a against me and my life, abd i lost all my own villa, firma, money and now all documents would stolen from me in 98000 Monaco from my notar here too.
    So a crime against me!! Please help! I was never a bad person criminal etc. In my villa would all electric products manipulated, destroyed etc, I contacted Mrs Cloony long time ago, without a feedvack from her since than. Please do it now!

  8. You know about that "ISIS
    Neutron.."? Is written:".

    This review highlights the work of the facility over the past year, including highlights of international collaborations with ISIS, industrial use of the facility, and how ISIS develops the skills of its community and those of the next generation of scientists and engineers.  ​The review also includes the ISIS Impact Awards, r​ecognising some of t​he scientific, social and economic impacts its scientific community has achieved. ​

    The award-winning projects, and the science highlights from the review, can be seen by using the links in the menu on the right hand side of this page.

  9. the worst is that all this is very well known by the governments and it has very little value to them as they have international agreements that have no mention of crimes against humanity. They have to take full responsibility.

  10. Praise God for woman like her!!! 👍 She has a good heart, she's smart. Good pick George!! She isn't about fame or money, she is about justice!!

  11. God bless her! This is an outrage! Her family was murdered and she was raped and assaulted! She deserves justice!!!! Thank you Amal for defending her and helping her! I pray she receives justice!🙏

  12. Amal is breathtakingly stunning but she's so much more than this. She is such a fantastic package. She speaks so eloquently and she commands respect. She is someone to be admired on a hundred levels and we can all learn from someone so professional, respected, genuine, and warm hearted person.

  13. The Happiest Sad Birthday

    Let me tell you a true story that sends an important message to all of us. Halleli, a 4-year-old girl from Jerusalem with special needs, wanted to celebrate her birthday with her friends from kindergarten. Her loving parents arranged for everything: the place, the food and sweets, a clown to entertain the kids, and various fun activities that all the children enjoy doing. All her friends from kindergarten had promised they would come, and Halleli couldn't wait to celebrate with them. But in the end, only one girl showed up. The candy, the clown, and the games just stood there, untouched and unwanted.
    The next day, heartbroken, the girl refused to go to kindergarten. Her parents were beside themselves with sorrow and worry for their child and didn't know how to comfort her. In his distress, Halleli's father posted on social media what had happened, and matters took a sharp turn for the better.
    A man from the neighborhood read the post and was overcome with emotion. "I have kids too," he thought. "What if she were my daughter?" He felt he had to do something to give that girl an experience that would wash away her sadness. He decided to throw her the birthday party of her life.
    He combed the neighborhood and told everyone about Halleli and that he was organizing a birthday party for her and asked everyone to come. A few days later, Halleli had her party. This time, hundreds of children and their parents showed up to make the little girl happy on her special day. Her parents were overjoyed and grateful beyond words to the kind stranger, and as for Halleli, her face beamed brighter than the sun.
    This story doesn't only tell us about human kindness. It is a warning sign. It demonstrates how heartless, perhaps even cruel, we can be if we are not organized and galvanized into positive action. It also proves the immense potential that lies in establishing mutual responsibility in society. When people who don't know each other help each other because this is the value they live by, there is no end to what such a society can achieve.
    The Jewish people became a nation when complete strangers found the words of their teacher, Abraham, compelling enough to implement. His teachings about kindness and mercy as the key to solving society's problems struck a chord in the hearts of his listeners and they joined his group. This is why mutual responsibility and "love your neighbor as yourself" are the tenets of Judaism – social laws that relate not to God but to our fellow person.
    Today, when alienation permeates every corner of human society, we desperately need mutual responsibility and care for others. These are the only qualities, the only values that can keep human society from collapsing altogether. Just as Abraham had found that the remedy to his homeland's social ills were care for others, all of us must now realize that the cure for heartlessness has not changed since ancient times. The only difference is that alienation has now spread throughout the world.
    Humanity must do today what the ancient Hebrews did – unite across divisions and establish love of others where today there is nothing but hatred. Perhaps such moving stories as the one about Halleli's birthday will help us realize that mutual responsibility is not a noble but unrealistic notion, but an imperative step we must take to ensure our survival as a functioning society.

  14. The comment section just shows that no matter how accomplished you are at your work… if you are a woman your looks are the first thing people will comment on and have in account. Misogyny lives on

  15. What United Nations has done so far to stop those animals of Isis? They are just here to observe and condemn. This is not enough! Amal is a good lawyer for sure and I hope people like Nadia and all the victims of these perverts and pigs will find a justice. Isis pigs, talibans and all the people like them should have their balls cut off without anesthesia! Seriously, I have zero tolerance for rapists and savages like them. It has nothing to do with religion or God. What these animals do to these women wound their minds forever and also their bodies and souls. This is beyond horror. I really hope those people will receive the punishment they deserve.

  16. I do not like her style.
    It is noticeable in her look and how she moves that she thinks she is pretty (with her horse long face). Like she is better!
    When she points with her hand at Nadia Murad, it looks like she's showing a vase: no emotion, no humbleness. You touch the person you care about, do not reach out as an exhibition.
    It's just publicity for herself that she took the case.
    Inadequate hairstyle for a courtroom.
    There are good lawyers out there who really take pro bono to do good!

  17. Before people gush about Amal and glorify her, perhaps one should learn a bit more about her family background and origins of their wealth that paid for her expensive education… Corrupt arms dealer who are the kind of people that cause such untold misery and suffering to the very people she appears to defend in the first place. So, at best, Amal is doing a small part to redress the damage caused by corruption and immoral business dealings by her family, from which she benefited so greatly!

  18. He'll nation unies please help me je suis à Lituanie européenne ici il torture des immigrés please help me with the country is not good or my family 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. And yet for every Nadia, there are other nameless, voiceless women or even children, who are used, abused and violated sexually, physically, totally.
    ISIS must be destroyed and eradicated.
    May justice prevail.

  20. You are really a Great soul Amal !!!
    What a great debate . World need a leader like you. If we don't act now it will be too late .
    This is the era of women . Women empowerment is the need of time . It is important for the humanity , ladies of the world stand up for you , yourself. No power can supress you if you are courageous.
    Be like Nadia and Amal , you deserve the respect.

  21. Parabéns pelo trabalho os membros da onu deveriam se colocar como se fosse presidente da rússia e ucrânia na guerra talvez fariam as coisas iguais ou pior do que eles. que Deus/Ala abençoe a todos.


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