AMA Recovery Plan for America’s Physicians

The American Medical Association has a Recovery Plan for America’s Physicians. It’s time to rebuild, and the AMA is ready.

After two years of taking care of this nation, it’s time our nation renews its commitment to physicians. Doctors put everything into our nation’s response to COVID-19, at great personal cost, with some paying the ultimate price. Together – physicians and the American Medical Association – will meet this challenge.

The AMA is leading the charge to:

–Support telehealth to maintain coverage and payment
–Reform Medicare payment to promote thriving physician practices and innovation
–Stop Scope Creep that threatens patient safety
–Fix prior authorization to reduce the burden on practices and minimize care delays for patients
–Reduce physician burnout and address the stigma around mental health

#FightingForDocs #Telehealth #HealthCareReform #PhysicianBurnout

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