Alligator Chases Swimmer, Bites His Arm In Horrifying Footage

A man was swimming in a lake in Brazil when he was attacked by an alligator. Footage shows him swimming quickly to get away from the predator. (Video Credit: ViralHog)

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Comment (166)

  1. Idk how they get almost every video… Sometimes I feel like it's not NDTV it's some random guy's yt channel… Man that guy was lucky the alligator gave up he should be thankful for letting him go.. 😀

  2. Well damn! He walks calmly out of the water, which is good, but he doesn’t even keep his eye on the gator? Then stands next to the bank like the gator won’t come and get some more, or if there are even more gators lurking?! 🤨

  3. I don't think its fake. I think its just a hungry juvenile alligator who took a chance but discovered the prey was too big for him to handle. He was lucky.

  4. Wait wait wait. No sound👎 No blood 👎 the speed of the gator at the end with no tail splashing or anything, just the head coming out of the water just like an R/C boat 👎👎👎 this shits fake!


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