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  1. Hey Triple G! Thanks for the update! Really looking forward to my first run through, I'm hoping it's going to be Chaotic Great!!

    I was leaning towards the Spell Shot ("You're a Skeep, you're a Skeep.. Everybody gets to be a Skeep!") However the lure of the glass cannon is undeniable so I think it's going to be Grave Born for me.

    Looking forward to more videos, be well my friend

  2. basically me playing every class beacause HOLY HECK OMG ! can i have this game already!! T–T I'm suffering, Randy, I'm in foken agony dude…. gimme the game…

  3. i m curious if they will let you have a bit customized character instead having pre made models for all classes
    it would be cool if you could make your own character at least from the way they look i don't really mind voice actors and all that doiing their things
    just would be cool to have an option for at least a little personalized character

  4. 1) Basic law of the universe; Everything breaks if you hit if hard enough, so hammer. Also dragon. Also also, Paladin.

    2) Brr-zerker. Looks interesting with frost and life drain. Plus, Barbarian rage is always a fun one, can picture many people modelling their character after Grog.

    3/4) This is actually difficult because despite not enjoying magic-based classes (Warlock doesn't count by virtue of sheer versatility in how you can build them), both Spellshot and Graveborn seem appealing. Spellborn due to potentially being a fast-paced lunatic with possibly quite powerful crowd control, Graveborn due to actually getting a proper Demilich as a companion, the risk/reward of Health for Power and summoning undead minions to make things a little easier. Uncertain, but Spellshot probably eeks out third place by virtue of being potentially completely mad.

    5) Stabbomancer. Could be interesting and personally enjoy playing Rogues, but… I dunno, just doesn't look like my cup of tea and it doesn't appeal to me in FPS games.

    6) Spore Warden. Ranger is the class I like the least, even beyond magic-dependent ones. Admittedly, looks like a cross between Ranger, Druid and Cleric, so might be incredible for support, but it really doesn't look like something that interests me.

  5. When the stabomancer came up at 3:50 I paused and was like, "wait a minute, that looks a LOT like heroic dragon soul rogue gear from warcraft" so I pulled up the armory of my old level 85 rogue to compare, and they look EXACTLY ALIKE minus one of the shoulder pads missing! If this is a reference I think that is awesome!

  6. Epic can't wait for this game I'm just hoping theres awesome sword build I can make that can send off Long range like energy blades with the swings and able to charge it up for a powerful one. Like a Getsuga tensho from Ichigo could be a mem for anime fans. And epic to have a long range melee build

  7. Well technically, the choices are about 15 combinations of classes.
    As for a choice, going super team helper.
    Starting with Spore Warden and going into Clawbringer. (Two Pets, tons of buffs.)

  8. More choices but…BL3 had 3 trees per character but yeah Tiny Tina let's you multiclass all of the classes it seems. So far more choices

    Also calling Spellshot/Graveborn as meta XD
    I know I'm doing it for spells and damage(also maybe Spellshot boosts will effect graveborn skills)

  9. I really REALLY hope that the story is good enough for the amount of replayability that the class system brings. Huge class diversity will mean nothing if the story is like that of BL3 😬

  10. Brr-zerker and the storm bringer, make ya self a Barbarian paladin with three elemental damages for abilities? DESTRUCTION you’ll be able to leap with ice than bring the hammer down with some flames back up and toss the hammer for lighting and shoot the enemy up and bring the hammer back dealing light damage on the recall BOOM

  11. I like how all classes still use guns, instead of their special weapon or just melee. Hammer class should have a pistol at least and use hammer as main weapon, and the reaper should use melee too but have an faster ability.

  12. Blademancer with graveborn subclass. Can definitely see that being most OP, sacrifice health for more damage + go into stealth for more damage + crit damage 🤤

  13. I think I’m gonna choose Clawbringer as my primary (for Paladin sorta stuff) then multiclass into Graveborn (For kill skills and to be something like a dark Paladin/Oathbreaker of sorts) or Stabbomancer if Graveborn don’t work out

  14. I'm gonna bet that multiclassing comes at somewhat of a cost of making each class not have quite so many skills as previous games, since each class having three skill trees means you would have 6 seperate skill trees to keep track of which is honestly a bit much. Each class probably has one or two skill trees.

  15. i'm absolutely sure i'll play all 6 characters. i'm only watching this video to see if the Stabbomancer is the character i'll start with. thanks GGG


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